Welcome to the final installment of The Blenferno. With the NFL season fastly approaching, I’ve navigated you through the waters of fantasy football’s best and worst skill position players this week.

So today, we’re going to highlight a few top flight defenses and just how high you should draft them. Because believe it or not, some people draft fantasy defenses higher than Dave Chappelle is in Half Baked.

Drafting a defense is an interesting proposition for a number of reasons. Obviously, you want a defense that’s prime to scoring touchdowns – but also one that doesn’t give them up. A team that bends but doesn’t break. But most of all, you want a defense that you can have for the right draft price.

This is Blen’s Fantasy Football D/ST Preview.

I honestly only see four defenses in 2015 that check off all three of those boxes: the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, and Houston Texans.

Aside from those four, even if you’re someone who enjoys or needs a stable defense, you probably couldn’t go wrong playing the streaming game from week to week.

And looking at the current ADP (average draft position) of those top four defenses, things become a little bit disconcerting.

Seattle Seahawks: 63.5 overall (12-team: Rd. 5.3, 10-team: Rd. 6.3)

Buffalo Bills: 86.4 overall (12-team: Rd. 7.2, 10-team: Rd. 8.6)

Houston Texans: 87.9 overall (12-team: Rd. 7.3, 10-team: Rd. 8.8)

St. Louis Rams: 106.5 overall (12-team: Rd. 8.9, 10-team: Rd. 10.7)

Well, if there’s one takeaway from these statistics it’s that the Seattle Seahawks are being drafted way, way too high. Round 5? Are you kidding me? I would rather root for the Green Bay Packers.

I am intrigued by the Buffalo Bills if you’re drafting in a 10-team league. The middle of the eighth round for a Rex Ryan defense is basically highway robbery, all things considered. But without a doubt the best value on this board is the ability to draft the St. Louis Rams defense — with that staunch, virtually brick wall-like defensive front anchored by Aaron Donald — in the 10th or 11th round.

That’s the defense I’m targeting. Other than that, I’m streaming and playing the weekly matchups. For example, if you have a defense like the Miami Dolphins with three good matchups in a row – ride them out until they have a shitty matchup and pick up a defense with a favorable one.

A final note as I wrap up this year’s fantasy preview: If you’re one of those people who has kicker questions, don’t be. Just draft the highest ranked one in the last round of your draft and call it a day. Yes, it’s usually smart to draft a kicker on a team with a good offense.

Well, that’s it for The Blenferno. Thanks for keeping up and I hope the best for you this upcoming season. If you have any further questions, or comments, hit me up on Twitter @blenbeans. If you’d like to catch up on the previous (and more thorough) Blenferno installments, just follow the links below.

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