It’s been a while since we cranked out some matchup plays for you, but with Hurricane Injury storming the beaches of the NFL it seems as good a time as any to bring it back.

And this week, love the Sunday Night and Monday Night Football matchups so much that I’m going to target only players from those two games (minus one defense, because, well you’ll see).

Not to mention, playing high upside in the final two games on the slate can greatly facilitate your chances of winning a butt load of money on DFS sites after everyone has gone to sleep for the weekend.

Which might be your best chance at making money in fantasy football this season if the aforementioned Hurricane Injury swallowed up your squad.

Dez Bryant

If you’ve been hesitant to play Dez Bryant the past two weeks as he returns from foot surgery then I don’t blame you. I kept him on the bench myself. But don’t do it this week.

This is the week Dez starts to look back more like Dez Bryant and less like Terrance Williams in a Dez Bryant body.

I know the quarterback situation in Dallas is dirty brown water trash with Matt Cassel at the helm, but Bryant is a special case. Remember, he once scored 5 touchdowns in four weeks with a 100-year-old Jon Kitna throwing him the ball.

Bryant is a notorious Eagle killer, accounting for nearly 700 yards and seven touchdowns in eight games vs. the division rival. Go ahead and roll with him this week.

Stevie Johnson

The Bears secondary is like watching the ending to Toy Story 3 on loop for three hours while someone also tells your children that Santa isn’t real. Just absolutely demoralizing.

Whether you think that analogy is too much or spot on, it doesn’t change the fact that Stevie Johnson is going to torch the Bears defensive backfield for a cool eight-catch, 90-yard, one touchdown day.

With the Chargers’ tight ends banged up and Keenan Allen shelved for the season, Stevie Johnson becomes the ultimate PPR waiver wire add and he’ll pay dividends immediately.

Sam Bradford

The last time I told you to start Sam Bradford it didn’t work out the way I would have liked. In fact, the Philadelphia Eagles were a legit dumpster fire that night.

However, coming off a bye week, with a lot of regular starters injured or on bye themselves, I think Bradford is a great spot start QB on Sunday Night Football. I’m not sure if the statistical wherewithal is there to support this Bradford claim, but I have one of those feelings that Chip Kelly has his offense humming for at least one game coming off the bye week.

Ryan Mathews

I said this from the beginning, but Ryan Mathews is a better fit for Chip Kelly’s offense than DeMarco Murray is and the best move the Eagles front office made this offseason was convincing him to stay after signing Murray.

In fact, Mathews has more rushing yards (342-307) and the same amount of total touchdowns (4) so far.

He’s nursing a bit of a groin injury, but all reports indicate he’ll be ready for the Eagles’ Sunday Night Football tilt with a Dallas defense that’ll be hungry to shut down DeMarco Murray again.

Falcons D/ST

I know the Falcons don’t play in primetime this week, but I just had to add this without reservation.

I hate people that ask who to start on defense. It’s a damn defense for crying out loud, find a good matchup and stream one. But I don’t trust Blaine Gabbert to get my order right at McDonald‘s let alone play football.

The 49ers are batshit terrible as it is and now they’re throwing Blaine Gabbert into the fire. As a University of Missouri alum, I couldn’t tell you enough how horrible Blaine Gabbert is at football.

This game has the potential to get out of hand quickly, forcing Gabbert to throw even more, thus giving the Falcons more opportunities to score some defensive touchdowns.

Not to mention, the Niners supplied the Falcons defense with a little bulletin board material this week.

In the right lineup, playing the Falcons D could net you a big week in DFS.