It’s not even Week 3 and I feel like I’m in Spain running with the bulls.

By that I mean I’m the guy frantically dodging and weaving the fallen in the hopes I don’t get gored in the ass.

And I won’t lie about it, I’m dangerously close to the horns. Praise be that it’s still early as hell in the season and we have time to mask the bleeding. Things are just a bit unclear right now.

Despite the currently murky fantasy waters, we do have clarity on some players as the season moves from “it’s still early” to “shit, my team needs to get hot” territory. Because we all know how big the difference between 0-3 and 1-2 is.

You could say it’s like the difference between getting a bull horn in your ass or not.

Let’s get to the mail.

Week 3 Fantasy Mailbag

“What is going on with Charles Johnson, and should we be concerned?”

Yeah, to be concerned would probably be an understatement at this point. The Vikings offense has been slow-moving to start the season, and Exhibit A is Charles Johnson – who’s only tallied five receptions for 37 yards. That is, well…not very good.

Can it turn around? Yes. Do I think it turns around? Yes.

Minnesota is too talented on offense to not start producing through the air at some point this season. It may not be this weekend or in the coming weeks, but I’m keeping him stored away on my bench for when he has some plus matchups in Weeks 6-10 — including one against our hapless Chicago Bears.

“Moving forward, do you like LeGarrette Blount or David Johnson more (assuming no KR yardage points are included)?”

David Johnson and I’m not sure it’s close. Johnson has been phenomenal in the early season and Bruce Arians is growing fonder and fonder of him by the week. Rightfully so, because few in the NFL are as dynamic as him.

Through his first two NFL games, Johnson has a kick return for a touchdown, a 55-yard touchdown reception and a touchdown on the ground. He’s the first rookie in NFL history to do so.

Blount, on the other hand, is about as slow as someone who smokes at least three of them a day. Plus, Dion Lewis is Bill Belichick’s pretty new toy. I’m far more inclined to believe Johnson will fully unseat Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington rather than Dion Lewis surrendering lead-back duties to old man Blount.

“If you had to trade Allen Robinson or John Brown, which one would it be?”

The answer to this is a lot easier than you would imagine even though I’ve been John Brown’s biggest supporter—and still am for what it’s worth.

But in this vacuum you’re trading John Brown.

Allen Robinson is a No. 1 receiver and receives No. 1 receiver targets. He also plays six games against the shitty AFC South, which is a huge thing I’m taking into account here. Robinson’s season has really been a tale of two weeks. He struggled mightily against Carolina in Week 1 (one catch, 27 yards), but absolutely blew the doors off the house in Week 2 (six catches, 155 yards, two TDs).

A-Rob’s floor isn’t one catch. Carolina’s Josh Norman is a really tough matchup and it was Week 1. Robinson is going to trend around the 100-yard mark all season long.

On the flip side, Larry Fitzgerald is having a career revival with the healthy Carson Palmer and he’s without a doubt the top target in the Cardinal passing offense. Brown is still a very valuable piece to have (and in line for a huge Week 3 vs. San Francisco), but for the rest of the season I’m taking Allen Robinson all day.

“Is Jared Cook worth an add in a 14-team league?”

Probably, but he’s not my favorite option. He has 10 catches for 92 yards through two weeks so we know he’s going to get the looks. But with how little the Rams get into the red zone, I struggle to see where he’s going to score the touchdowns.

He’s a backup option in a deep league with the hopes that he goes on a touchdown run. Other than that, you don’t need to press to get him in there.

“Do you think DeMarco Murray and Andre Johnson are going to turn their season around and make their roster spot worth it?”

Considering where you probably drafted them, no.

You might as well slap some butter on Andre Johnson because the dude’s toast. I could go for hours with food puns for AJ 80, like he’s slow as molasses and what not, but it’d turn into overkill. He’s not the guy he used to be, it’s as simple as that.

If you don’t recall, I didn’t like DeMarco Murray as a fit with the Eagles from the outset and if I’m being blunt, it’s only taken two weeks to prove that he’s not. But Wednesday’s development that Murray suffered a hamstring injury has me completely off the ship.

I mean, we’re approaching Week 3 and he has an injury that can easily be attributed to the 500 touches he accumulated in 2014.

The Eagles have two other capable backs in Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles, and both are a better fit skill-wise to move the ball in Chip Kelly’s offense as it is.