Last week I talked about players that I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole at their average draft position. You know, the pariah’s of fantasy football; the players you don’t even want to say thank you succeeding a no.

This week, it’s all about positive vibes and the players that I’m pushing all of my chips into the middle of the table on.

I call it my buyer’s guide to being all-in.

It’s no coincidence that I’ll most likely receive between three and five texts from various guys in my league saying how funny it is that I listed a bunch of guys on my own teams.

Well no shit, boys.

I drafted the players I drafted for a reason. It’s because I’m “all-in” on most of them. That being said, if you read this and want to jump on the ship with me, there’s plenty of room. I’ll be at the bar.

There’s really only one appropriate way to kick this off and that’s with Adrian Peterson.

I can’t stop saying his name. My love for Adrian Peterson this season is so astronomically high, I haven’t not taken him at No. 1 in any draft thus far.

It’s going to be a bounce back season for running backs as a whole in 2015. Like Doug Martin, who will be a top 10 running back this season if he can stay on the field.

2012 (16 games): 319 att., 1,454 yards, 11 touchdowns (4.6 Y/A).

2013-2014 (17 games): 261 att., 950 yards, three touchdowns (3.6 Y/A).

The discrepancy in those numbers is going to deter a lot of owners to other running backs at the same price, and that’s a good thing for you. Because like the stock market on Monday morning, that’s your opportunity to buy low.

Doug Martin is going to be the biggest steal of your fantasy draft this year and you’re going to get him coming off the board around the likes of Gio Bernard, Chris Ivory, and LaGarrette Blount. Let everyone else be a sucker.

In addition to Peterson, I’ve already sung praise for the rest of the Minnesota Vikings offense as a one-stop fantasy oasis this season. And like the Vikings, I feel equally as high on the Miami Dolphins attack. Give me the whole South Beach enchilada this season.

I’m talking Ryan Tannehill as a QB1. Lamar Miller has a legitimate argument for an RB1 with a penthouse-level floor. Jarvis Landry is a top 10 PPR wide receiver and I’m also shoving my chips to the middle of the table on his standard value, too.

Jordan CameronKenny Stills, and DeVante Parker are other Tannehill weapons worth targeting late. Hell, I’m even investing in shares of that defense and kicker Caleb Sturgis.

Kidding, who cares about kickers.

If the player has a ‘MIA’ posted next to their name then they aren’t someone you want to miss out on.

For what it’s worth, I forgot to add Jordan Matthews in this list (blaming that on lack of remaining characters). But Brandin Cooks is going to absolutely become a fantasy football freak in 2015. I boasted that prediction last season and it would have come to fruition had he not gotten injured.

Without Jimmy Graham, the Saints two primary aerial contributors outside of Cooks will be a 32-year-old Marques Colston and a 34-year-old Ben Watson.

Brandin Cooks is not only going to eat this season, he’s going to be cooking his own dinner.

Speaking of second-year wideouts, John Brown‘s game is way more exciting than his name. Because let’s be real, if I didn’t watch a single play from the Pittsburg State product I wouldn’t have known he played professional football.

I’ve also watched a few plays of his teammate Michael Floyd. And John Brown is about 15 times better at what he’s asked to do than Michael Floyd.

Now that Floyd’s injured and Larry Fitzgerald is pushing 32, Brown’s role in the Arizona Cardinal offense is going to be ridiculously valuable for his price tag in drafts this year.