So I’m walking in Lakeview the other day, trying to figure out where to get food. I’m really not engrained in one place or the other, ready to hop on the first thing that appeals to me.

Up on Clark St. there’s a McDonald’s. I think to myself OK, I can do some McDonald’s all day breakfast right now (breakfast is for champions). It’s been a while and I could get a shit ton of food for like $10.

Right across the street from said McDonald’s is a Wing Stop. Now understand this, I think Wing Stop absolutely shits on Buffalo Wild Wings. Those who think otherwise are communists. But Wing Stop takes 15 minutes to get if you don’t conveniently call ahead for pick up.

It sounded so damn good. But because of convenience I decided to load up the depth chart with some McDonald’s.

This same type of decision (or indecision) can be applied to how you approach your fantasy football trades as we enter Week 10. Right now, you should be focusing on building the best and most consistent starting lineup you possibly can.

Forget depth and solidifying a well-balanced roster from QB to end of the bench. That’s what Week 5 was for. And that’s also where I went wrong in my choice of food last night. Wing Stop was what I should have gotten, and not just in hindsight.

Wing Stop was trading for Dez Bryant because he’s healthy again. McDonald’s was trading Dez Bryant for Stefon Diggs and Jeremy Langford. You know, the depth move. It was the move I made because it was easy when in reality I shouldn’t have just made it at all.

Always strive for Wing Stop, you guys.


Now let’s rip open the envelope and get to your Week 10 Fantasy Mailbag questions.

Delanie Walker is my current tight end. Do I trade Maclin for Kelce? Hopkins, A-Rob, John Brown are my other wide receivers.”

No. Delanie is a monster, like an actual monster. Have you seen what that dude looks like? He’s shredded. Despite the fact that your wide receiving corps is rock solid, I would keep it intact because the return isn’t worth the upgrade.

Walker has mediocre-against-fantasy-tight-ends defenses like Jacksonville (twice), Carolina, Oakland, and Houston left on the schedule. When Mariota is healthy, Delanie Walker is a top target in the Titans offense.

And you simply can’t trust Alex Smith to throw touchdowns to secondary options – or anyone for that matter.

“If I have Jordan Reed, do you trade Delanie Walker for Ronnie Hillman?”

No, even though I will say that’s a fair deal on paper. But it’s Week 10. I would have made this trade around Week 7, but not now.

Now is the time to be solidifying your starting lineup for a playoff run. Depth is no longer a necessity, which is what this trade provides.

Ronnie Hillman isn’t going to be a staple in your starting lineup—at least he shouldn’t be—and that’s why I have to say hold onto Delanie. In fact, I would probably look to deal Reed over Delanie and get like a Charcandrick West or Stefon Diggs instead.

“Rank these three for the rest of the year: CJ Spiller, Charles Sims, Ameer Abdullah?”

We’ll start with 50 feet of shit. Then Charles Sims, Ameer Abdullah, and CJ Spiller in that order.

First, it’s worth noting how different the narrative is on all three of these players from the beginning of the season.

Abdullah was supposed to be the change-of-pace speedster that challenged Joique Bell for the starting job, now he holds onto the football about as well as Ken Whisenhunt holds onto a job. And ironically, a job, too, because the Lions have demoted him to third string.

CJ Spiller was destined for explosive greatness a la his days as the No. 1 running back in fantasy football all because he was going to New Orleans. He got six snaps last Sunday, the very next game AFTER Khiry Robinson got hurt.

Charles Sims was poised to get an extended role the second Doug Martin started struggling. Now Doug Martin is a top 10 back (like I told you he would be), and Sims is still playing well.

Ideally, you’re looking to avoid all three of these guys if you have to but if I’m ranking them I’m going to take the field first, followed closely by Sims, Abdullah, and then Spiller.

James Starks or Karlos Williams the rest of the way? Ben Watson or Travis Kelce?”

I’ll take “All Four” for $500, Alex.

Oh, I can’t do that? Only because I have today’s news out of Green Bay fresh in my head I’m going to say James Starks. Starks has played good enough to overtake Eddie Lacy without Lacy needing to turn into Trent Richardson in the process.

By this point in the season, Starks has already scored more fantasy points than Lacy (and Marshawn Lynch, too, surprisingly). He’s a guy who can really pound the rock when the weather turns to shit in northern Wisconsin.

As for the tight end debacle, this becomes easier in a PPR league to say Watson – but I’ll go with Watson in standard formats as well. The Saints are going to throw the ball at least 50 times a game or until Drew Brees‘ arm falls off, whichever comes first.

Watson has basically become a Jimmy Graham reincarnate in that offense, to the point that his target share hasn’t been lower than five over the last five weeks.

“Which waiver wire quarterbacks have the best shot at getting me through the playoffs if I’m heavily invested in Andrew Luck

Blake Bortles. He’s currently the 10th best quarterback in fantasy football right now and he’s available in some 40 percent of leagues. His pair of receivers, Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, only seem to get better every week – and now he has a healthy Julius Thomas the rest of the way.

Plus, Uncle Rico could throw for a billion yards against the Jaguars’ remaining schedule, which includes Tennessee (twice), New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore, San Diego and Indianapolis.

Free cheese.