I think it’s official. Ben Roethlisberger is a cyborg. He’s not human, I do know that.

Prior to Sunday, the last time we saw Big Ben was face-in-hands on a cart heading to the locker room after suffering a mid-foot sprain against the Raiders. Given his knee injury earlier in the year, Ben wasn’t expected to come back until after the Steelers’ Week 11 bye.

Then backup Landry Jones suffered his own injury early last week against the Browns; and Roethlisberger came out of the bullpen to throw for 379 yards and three touchdowns.

Basically a fantasy nightmare if you picked up and started Jones for Roethlisberger – a good move on paper when you consider Pittsburgh’s weapons at wide receiver.

Ben Roethlisberger is a future Hall of Fame quarterback, but the Steelers front office has demonstrated an uncanny capability of drafting and developing wideouts.

Early in his career, it was Plaxico Burress and Hines Ward. These days, it’s Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant. And in between, guys like Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, and Emmanuel Sanders launched their careers in Pittsburgh before moving on to more lucrative contracts. (Shit, Antwaan Randle El and Markus Wheaton aren’t too bad of an ‘honorable mention’ list.)

Not only have these guys been key components to the team’s sustained playoff success since Roethlisberger entered the league in 2004, but more importantly – they’ve all achieved legitimate fantasy relevance at one point or another.

Anyways, time to clean up. Let’s rip open the envelope and get to your Week 11 Fantasy mailbag questions.

We’ll start by looking at another team that’s good at making receivers into household names, though in a slightly different manner: The New England Patriots.

“Who becomes the latest no-name New England Patriot to break out into fantasy stardom?”

Who was the wide receiver on that Little Giants team? I’ll go with him. I think his name was Danny Amendola, otherwise known as ‘The Neck.’

Yes, that’s my nickname for Danny Amendola. And yes, it’s because the dude has a ginormous neck. But really, though, with Dion Lewis and Julian Edelman sidelined for the remainder of the fantasy season, someone is going to have to step up and assume the underneath role.

Who better to do that than Julian Edelman’s clone, Danny Amendola.

“For the rest of the season, is it better to be Tom Brady‘s #2 target (Brandon LaFell) or Alex Smith‘s #1 target (Jeremy Maclin)?”

I’ll make this one simple for you. You always want to be Tom Brady’s No. 2 over Alex Smith’s anything.

Even though Brandon LaFell has a capped ceiling because he’s not really that good, anyone who has Tom Brady gets the nod from me. The Edelman and Lewis injuries certainly contribute to that and the Chiefs’ remaining schedule isn’t very kind to opposing No. 1 receivers.

“Who the hell is this Dwayne Harris guy, and is he legit?”

You mean Dwayne “The Rock” Harris? Oh yeah, he’s 100 percent legit.

The Giants have a established that they are going to be an air-it-out, YOLO type offense with the weapons they have. Odell Beckham Jr. is without a doubt the alpha male of all of that.

But from a fantasy perspective I think Dwayne Harris is the No. 2 ahead of Reuben Randle. Harris was primarily just a kick return specialist when with the Dallas Cowboys, but an intra-NFC East move and $17 million later he’s proving to be an asset on offense, too.

With three touchdowns in his last three games and a weak schedule for supplemental WRs after the bye week, Dwayne Harris is worthy of a roster spot the rest of your season.

Kirk Cousins or Russell Wilson the rest of the way?”

Go ahead and file this one under, “Questions I never thought I would answer.”

Go ahead and chalk up my answer under “doomsday advice.” It’s Kirk Cousins.

Well, because, I’ll just leave this one here.

“If I’m making a trade for a tight end down the stretch, pick one: Greg Olsen or Gary Barnidge?”

I actually have a friend who owns, and starts, both Barnidge and Olsen and won’t trade either of them. So there’s that. His team sucks.

If I’m picking one to have for the rest of the season, it’s Greg Olsen. Cam Newton is playing off the charts right now and Olsen remains his No. 1 target. Barnidge proved in Week 10 that he’s not totally irrelevant with Johnny Manziel as his quarterback, but it certainly gives a slight downtick to his projections.

I choose the established Olsen 10 times out of 10.