Week 3 in fantasy football was a lot like your standard 4th of July — fireworks everywhere.

Good thing Jason Pierre-Paul wasn’t out there, am I right?

Seriously though, between A.J. Green and Steve Smith duking it out, Julio Jones dominating again, Julio’s jumpstart teammate Devonta Freeman shredding Dallas, and Aaron Rodgers being Aaron Rodgers Monday night – the list of astronomical Week 3 point totals goes on and on.

It really was an impressive display of individual performances.

Perhaps none more impressive (even if by default) than Jeremy Maclin. That’s because Maclin did something for the Kansas City Chiefs that hasn’t been done since Frozen was the No. 1 movie in America.

And that’s catch a touchdown pass as a wide receiver.

I feel like this is the ultimate sign of the apocalypse. Moreover, here’s to hoping it’s one of those “floodgates” situations and all of my Jeremy Maclin shares (which is a lot) explode from this point forward.

Not to mention, I had Maclin as a fantastic matchup play in Week 3 and it paid off big time thanks to one of my favorite things about fantasy football: All points count the same no matter when they come in the game.

Garbage time for the win.

Points never came for Melvin Gordon, however, who was my one dud in our matchup plays. As you know, I don’t count players who get injured and miss the rest of the game as that’s impossible to predict (unless you’re Andre Ellington). And that’s what happened to Sammy Watkins shortly after beating Miami over the top for a 39-yard catch.

Cam Newton had a massive day against the Saints, throwing for two touchdowns and adding another on the ground. He was basically free cheese.

And finally, perhaps my greatest achievement as a fantasy scribe was the call on Browns TE Gary Barnidge. I totally understand that it’s customary to play tight ends against the Oakland Raiders (the equivalent of dunking on a six-foot rim). But at the end of the day, Gary Barnidge is Gary Barnidge and last week was probably his only week of fantasy relevance.

But hell, I’ll take it. Onto some other observations from Week 3.

How about the resurgence of veteran wide receivers in the early going?

And by veteran wide receivers, I mean Steve Smith Sr. and Larry Fitzgerald.

They’re third and fifth in the NFL in receiving yards respectively and are showing no signs of their old age. I’m going to miss Steve Smith so much after he retires this season.

Also, how awesome has it been seeing Tyrod Taylor succeed for the Buffalo Bills?

Rex Ryan finally has a quarterback he can rely on to make plays to pair with an elite defense. The Bills are making the playoffs this year and Tyrod is going to help someone’s fantasy team to the playoffs as well.

He’s tied for QB5 right now in standard scoring leagues with Carson Palmer and has one of the friendliest schedules the rest of the season. Do I dare call him a QB1 for the rest of the season?

Why yes, yes I do.

On the flip side, feel free to start unloading all of those Sam Bradford shares that you understandably have. I’m not quite sure what the Eagles offense is, (or will be) but if they keep playing the way they are – Chip Kelly won’t have a choice but to evaluate other options.

An under-the-radar move I’ve benefitted from in back-to-back weeks now is starting whoever returns kicks against our lifeless Chicago Bears. Good chance it’s a receiver or running back that can pepper in points on offense, and if your league awards return yards or other bonuses it’s a home run.

This week against the Oakland Raiders that running back is Taiwan Jones. Jones is the No. 2 running back for Oakland and has 10 touches through three games. It’s not a sure thing by any means, but it’s certainly an intriguing home run opportunity if you’re looking to jumpstart your team.

Leave it to me to rag on the Bears to close out a fantasy football column but hell, this is the point we’re at. Nothing we can do about it now.

Hopefully, you joined me in enjoying the Week 3 fireworks show. Week 4 probably won’t be so easy.

Blen, out.

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