I’m going to ignore the pleasantries this week.

Instead, let’s start by talking about the glaring elephant in the room and that’s whatever the fuck Peyton Manning looked like on Sunday.

In fact – for good reason – the number one topic of conversation texted to me this weekend was him. I got everything ranging from “Fuck Peyton Manning” and “Is Peyton washed up?” to “Let’s order some Papa Johns.”

Peyton Manning was not good Sunday afternoon. Horrible actually. So bad that I could go on a Stephen A. Smith-like rant about it.

But now it’s time to get over it. He will be fine.

In my QB preview, I noted that Peyton wasn’t going to be the Peyton of old. But undo your wadded up underwear, because if you think he’s going to be that bad all season – you’re as high as Mile High itself. In that case, calling Papa John’s might be a good idea.

The Broncos offense runs on precision timing. When that timing is off, it’s like a grain of sand in a stopwatch. Peyton Manning will adjust accordingly and the Broncos offense will put up points.

No need to overthink it.

That being said, I hate starting the season off on the wrong foot. I went 2-1 across the board in my season-long leagues and cashed all my DFS lineups, but I still don’t view the week as a total success.

I preached DeSean Jackson to you guys on Friday. He got injured and subsequently put up a goose egg. But never beat yourself up over a player who randomly gets injured. Shit happens.

What I will apologize for was preaching Mike Wallace. In a PPR league, Wallace netted you 12 points — which isn’t bad. But standard scoring leagues rendered the new Viking useless.

The same goes for Doug Martin. Though Martin looked extremely good in the first half, his team was getting blown out. I mean, no running back is getting work in the second half if their team is down 35-7 at the break. I wildly overestimated how ready Jameis Winston was.

John Brown worked out for us by scoring an early touchdown, though I wish he would have been used more after the first quarter. And Sam Bradford wasn’t terrible after throwing a whopping 52 times on Monday night.

If you’ve followed my fantasy advice for the past few years then you know one thing to be true, and it’s that I’m transparent. If I was wrong, I’ll admit it.

Week 1 a lot of things went wrong. And not just for me. It was a wacky Week 1 from a fantasy perspective.

Calvin Johnson was terrible. Adrian Peterson got 13 total touches. Same for Lamar Miller, who only yielded 13 carries despite a close game vs. the not very good Washington Redskins. Perhaps Joe Philbin will realize that Miller is the answer if they don’t want to play close games vs. horrible teams.

Bad weeks are going to happen. It’s how the fantasy world turns. But the worst possible thing you can do after Week 1 is freak out and lose your composure.

I’m not jumping ship on any of the players mentioned above, and you shouldn’t either.

Actually, let’s take a quick look ahead to Week 2 and a couple guys who should bounce back.

First up: Eagles rookie wideout Nelson Agholor. I smell a breakout coming at home in Week 2 vs. Dallas after he was on the field for 59 snaps and ran the second most routes of anyone besides Jordan Matthews.

Freaking out because you spent one of your first two picks on Andrew Luck and he threw two picks and less than 250 yards?

Don’t. He should make quick work of a Jets defense that’s going to be without Antonio Cromartie.

And you all know I don’t love Odell Beckham, Jr this year, but five catches for 44 yards isn’t going to be his norm. Don’t start the fire sale yet.

By popular demand, I’ll be back later this week with my mailbag column – as well as give you insight on how to handle the Dez Bryant situation and who on the Cowboys reaps the most benefit.

Blen, out.