When I was a kid, I had a pair of basketball shoes that I absolutely adored. They were Tracy McGrady’s “T-Mac II’s” — otherwise known as the best basketball shoe to ever be released.

I wore them every day, everywhere.

Over time, as shoes tend to do, my precious T-Mac’s became worn. The stitching started to bust free, the laces frayed, and the soles lost 90% of their grip. However, there was just no way that I was going to stop wearing them until they broke completely open, became unwearable, and I was left without any shoes.

You may have a similar stubbornness with individual players on your fantasy football team.

Perhaps you drafted them late, or maybe you picked them up midseason while they were in the middle of a tear. Either way, they’ve taken their licks and gone silent these past two or so weeks – but you just want to keep holding on.

James Jones is my old pair of T-Mac II’s. Allen Hurns is my old pair of T-Mac II’s. Danny Woodhead is my old pair of T-Mac II’s.

Get the picture?

This is the final week of the regular season for a lot of leagues, meaning a lot of you might be fighting for a playoff spot and need wins this week. NEWS FLASH: Danny Woodhead isn’t getting you that win. Neither is Hurns, who added a concussion to his growing list of ailments last week.

It’s a real bitch to stomach, but like I eventually had to do with my broken down pair of T-Mac II’s — you just have to let go. Thank them for the boost they gave you midseason and shift your focus to winning this week and beyond.

Now that I’m done tearing up about old shoes, let’s move onto your Week 13 Fantasy Mailbag questions.

“If my starting RB’s are LeGarrette Blount and Lamar Miller, would you rather have Ameer Abdullah, Karlos Williams, or Jay Ajayi as your RB3 down the stretch?”

How frustrating is Lamar Miller right now? I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t see this one coming. The entire Dolphins offense has been one giant migraine all season.

However, this specific situation is incredibly tight. I’ll start with Blount and simply say that you have to keep starting him. He’s able to rack up yards and touchdowns, a rare commodity down the playoff stretch.

Karlos Williams is a no for me, as he just got banged up this past game and his touchdown regression is all too real. You can cross him off your list as that shit has already sailed.

Jay Ajayi is interesting because he’s Miller’s backup. Though the rookie out of Boise State has risen in the ranks over the past month, that doesn’t mean he’s unseating Miller anytime soon. The last time Miami fired members of their coaching staff, Lamar Miller had 300 total yards and three touchdowns in two games.

And on Monday, the Dolphins finally parted ways with OC Bill Lazor.

Speaking of coaching changes, the Lions offense has gotten substantially better since Joe Lombardi was fired mid-season. Jim Bob Cooter has opened up the offense for everyone. The only problem is everyone means Joique Bell and Theo Riddick too.

Lamar Miller has been the definition of inconsistent, but I’m not trusting any of those other options over him rest of the season. Add Ajayi in case he gets injured, and hope that Blount finishes strong.

“Should I be picking up Scott Chandler this week and starting him?” 

You need to 100 percent picking Scott Chandler but I’m not so sure you need to be starting him.

The most appealing thing about Rob Gronkowski is how matchup averse he is. There is virtually no defense, and no defensive player, truly capable of containing him. Scott Chandler is not that player.

Chandler gets the job because of Gronk’s injuries, but he’s not going to put up anything close to Gronk-type numbers. So sure, if you had Gronk and picked up Chandler absolutely start him. But I still have Chandler graded lower than the Antonio Gates and Julius Thomas types this week.

“Rest of the season would you be starting Mike Evans or Amari Cooper?”

Cooper but it’s close and the difference is probably because Cooper doesn’t leave 12-15 fantasy points on the field every time he plays. Evans’ drop issues have gotten so bad that you have to weight the difference between upside and reality.

Amari Cooper continues to impress in his rookie year and ranks up near the top ten in terms of fantasy WRs. His remaining schedule includes Kansas City twice, San Diego, and Green Bay; all of whom give up big time numbers to No. 1 receivers.

I’ve been on the Evans train since day one, but I just can’t give the Bucs’ receiver my vote of confidence over the more consistent Cooper here.

“Should I be thinking about maybe sitting Aaron Rodgers given his struggles the past few weeks?”

Been smoking too many blunts have you? Your answer is no you shouldn’t.

That’d be like saying you want to return your brand new Maserati because it ran out of gas. You’re focusing on the inconvenience rather than remembering you have a fucking Maserati in the first place.

You’re just never, ever, going to sit Aaron Rodgers unless your second quarterback is Tom Brady – and if that’s the case then you fucked up by not trading one of them.

Trust me on this, you’re going to be a much angrier person when you lose first round of the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers sitting on your bench.