Our time on the mailbag is winding down together, what a sad reality that is. But, if you’re lucky, that means you’re on the brink of a playoff run unmatched by anyone in your league.

And that’s what this week’s mailbag is all about—getting in that holiday playoff spirit.

So, before we break open the envelope on the Week 14 Fantasy Mailbag, I wanted to share something I found with you, by SandyDFS on Reddit:

‘Twas the day before playoffs, and all ‘cross the net,
Not an owner was rested, no lineups were set;
The waivers were cleared by the owners with ease,
In hopes that whoever was chosen would please;
The websites were plenty, more research to find,
With visions of next week in everyone’s mind;
Some on their laptops, and some on their phone,
Never quite happy with players they own;
When out on the web came a new Schefter tweet,
I sprang from my chair in hopes for a treat;
I tripped on the rug, I stubbed my big toe,
Yelped out in pain, and unlocked my phone.
Twitter was lagging, my Wi-Fi was weak,
An omen, I felt it, I started to freak.
Once it had loaded I shouted with joy,
My opponent’s now missing his favorite toy.
He must have seen it, ’cause he texted quick,
“Dude, that’s some bullshit, I’m gonna be sick.”
I laughed, and I laughed, I giggled with glee,
I texted back to him my roster to be.
“Now, Beckham! now, Freeman! now Ingram and Hopkins!
On Barnidge, on Marshall, on Broncos and Dalton!
To the top of the league, I never will fall!
Now score away, score away, score away all!”
My message was sent, through the air waves it flew,
It was read by my buddy, and by then he knew.
His text bubble showed he was planning response,
with anger, I’m sure it was not nonchalance.
And then, by the buzzing, I opened the text,
It was not a message, was more like a sext.
I knew that my buddy was no man of class,
but he sent me a picture of his hairy ass.
It was covered in fur, from the sides to the crack,
Strange that he’s blonde but his butt-fro is black.
I laughed and returned to my twitter feed,
Another tweet, Adam, it’s all that I need.
My eyeballs were sore from the monitor’s glare,
And then the reminder of buddy’s butt hair.
I closed up my laptop, and then locked my phone,
Got out of my chair, and got up with a groan.
I’m getting too old to stay up so late,
but I needed that trophy to show that I’m great!
The house was so silent, too silent it seemed,
Then the wall lit up brightly as headlights had beamed.
I looked out the window, I knew that old car,
We drove it to Padre to draft at the bar.
He reached in a bag and he started to litter,
Handful, and handful and handful of glitter.
He smiled right at me, and yelled out of spite,
“Happy Playoffs to all, and to all a good night!”

If you read that, I applaud you. I got two lines in and said fuck it and added it anyways.

Let’s get to the questions.

“Can you trust CJ Spiller if indeed Mark Ingram’s shoulder injury sidelines him for the playoffs?”

This is what we’re referring to here. Mark Ingram, who has surprisingly been the most consistent fantasy football running back in 2016, may be headed to the IR in the near future.

That leaves CJ Spiller, Tim Hightower, and rookie Marcus Murphy to pick up the pieces in the Saints offense. Not good.

The short answer is: No. You can’t trust CJ Spiller, as he’s given nobody the reason to believe that he’s his 2013 self in New Orleans. The Saints will employ a RBBC which does not help your playoff run.

Stay away.

“Is LeGarrette Blount struggling from Julian Edelman’s absence? Or is this an isolated rough stretch?”

LeGarrette Blount is struggling because he’s not that good and needs a really good offensive line to run behind. Right now, he doesn’t have one. In fact, the Patriots offensive line is among the worst, most injury-riddled offensive lines I can remember and I’m a Bears fan.

Yes, losing Julian Edelman hurts because it allows linebackers one less short-intermediate receiver to worry about. But the fact is if it’s affecting Blount it’s only minor.

His skill as a runner is more of a detriment than anything else. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have always just masked it up.

“Is Russell Wilson matchup proof the rest of the season after his recent tear of games?”

Is he ever. I think it’s safe to assume that Russ got the goods from Ciara because he’s ballin’.

Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind the past two or three weeks both throwing the ball and running the ball, leading them to three straight wins down the stretch.

Their next three games are against three patsy’s—Baltimore, Cleveland, and St. Louis—so I’m not sure the term matchup proof is even necessary. You should be starting him the rest of the season regardless.

“Are Alex Smith and Jeremy Maclin finally on the same page?”

Just two short weeks ago I wrote about Maclin and the Chiefs’ passing offense, and how Alex Smith and Co. had been trending upwards and Maclin wasn’t in the same ascending plane.

He is now.

He’s absolutely balled out his last two games, and the Chiefs as a whole are on a roll. You would think that this trend would continue vs. the 3-9 San Diego Chargers, right?

Probably. But I’m sitting him for better matchups and more upside. He may be good on the yards, but I’m not sure he finds the end zone this week. So while the Smith-Maclin connection may be looking better than ever, a date with the Chargers’ Jason Verrett may cause me to temper the expectation.