Every year when we get into the month of December I start to become giddy as a young school girl. It’s not Christmas. I could give a shit about Christmas, much less the holiday season as a whole.

I get giddy because December means the fantasy football playoffs are locked and loaded, which in turn means the NFL playoffs are right around the corner.

Otherwise known as the annual season of floating that bad boy around some more.

Ah, Jim Mora Sr. Nobody has ever made the playoffs appear so epic.

This year I’m dancing in all four of my leagues: Onto the semi-finals in three leagues and it’s the first round this week in the fourth. Apologies for the (semi) humble brag, but if you’re reading this then I would hope you’re doing the same thing.

The fantasy football playoffs are all about playing the matchups. The lineup you built has gotten you this far, but tomorrow won’t come if you decide to play Jordan Matthews against Tyrann Mathieu on Sunday night.

That’s why I’m here. To make sure you don’t do that.

Let’s rip open the envelope to the Week 15 fantasy mailbag – Playoffs(?!) Edition – and get straight to your matchup questions.

What Cardinals’ wide receiver has the biggest game vs. the Eagles Sunday night? 

I really want to answer with “all three” because all three (Fitzgerald, Floyd, Brown) should have pretty good games. I’m gravitating towards Michael Floyd now that he’s fully healthy, and I think he can have a really nice game over the top against the porous Eagles secondary.

But because I’m a sucker for history I’m going to side with Larry Fitzgerald even if he hasn’t scored a touchdown since Week 8 or passed 100 yards since Week 9.

Fitz’s career splits against the Eagles are stupid good. Like 38 catches, 650 yards and eight touchdowns in six games type of good.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with Fitz, Floyd, or John Brown. Carson Palmer should be finding all three on Sunday night.

I love Jeremy Maclin‘s matchup in Baltimore this week. Should I flex him over Matt Forte?

Love me some J-Mac this week, and actually, I like him over Forte as well. I think with the possibility of Alshon Jeffery being out and Zach Miller hampered with illness, the Bears are going to need all hands on deck.

We could see a lot of Jeremy Langford as well as Matt Forte.

With Baltimore’s secondary primed for torching I think Maclin has one of those multi-touchdown games against them.

Am I foolish for going back to the well on Dez Bryant again? 


Not even going to elaborate. Just yes.

Should a pending matchup with Josh Norman scare me away from Odell Beckham Jr.?

I don’t know if it should scare you away, but it should be reason for concern. Per usual, Odell is likely going to get force fed by Eli Manning. But when he’s lined up with Josh Norman it’s going to rough sledding.

The Giants will make a concentrated effort to move Odell into the slot — a place he’s used to playing about 24 percent of his snaps from — to limit their top weapon’s matchups against Norman.

If Norman ends up shadowing OBJ all over the field, it’ll be interesting because he’s held pretty much everybody he’s faced to their worst game of the season – but it’s tough imagining Odell Beckham Jr. ever having an off night.