I love doing the fantasy football mailbag. It’s a great way to interact with my readers while giving you thorough and timely fantasy football advice in the process.

Now that the always weird Week 1 has passed, we’ll kick off this season’s mailbag with all of your Week 2 questions – starting with the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve received more than a few questions on the Cowboys, particularly their wide receiver plans without Dez Bryant. So I’ll try to sum them all up in the next few paragraphs before moving on to non-Dallas inquiries.

Tony Romo isn’t going to skip a beat. Romo has always been an inventive quarterback with the ability to spread the ball around to no-name or sub-par receivers. Remember the weeks of Kevin Ogletree and Laurent Robinson?

Romo will be just fine.

The minefield is prognosticating which pass catcher for Dallas reaps the most benefit from Dez’s absence. After all, he’s yielded 436 targets the past three seasons and those looks have to go somewhere.

The notable candidates for an uptick in Romo targets are Jason Witten, Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley.

Witten was the fourth highest scoring tight end in Week 1, but that came against the New York Giants whom he has dominated his entire career. I think you see Romo lean on him in the red zone a little more over Beasley and Terrance Williams.

The one person who I don’t think Dez’s absence affects is Williams. His role in the offense is primarily defined by the big play, don’t expect that to change.

Cole Beasley, however, is the matchup nightmare that will be exploited. If there is someone in fantasy football (and DFS where he’s insanely cheap), that I expect to generate added offense from the Bryant injury it’s him.

He’ll start to form a more entrenched version of the Julian Edelman role in New England with Dallas, and is certified PPR gold without Bryant.

“Do you have any concern about the Baltimore Ravens offense? Joe Flacco, Steve Smith, Justin Forsett, etc?”

It’s definitely concerning when an offense runs less than 10 plays in the red zone during an entire game. But the Ravens ran into a brick wall that is the Denver Broncos defense. Gary Kubiak’s squad may have the best defense in the NFL, and the Ravens found that out first hand.

But don’t allow that to scare you off Baltimore’s offense. They have easy matchups in their next three games starting with Oakland in Week 2. I think massive bounce back games for Steve Smith and Justin Forsett are in store and you’ll see me doubling down on both guys in DFS this week.

“I have Delanie Walker, who should I claim off the waiver wire at tight end for depth—Eric Ebron, Darren Fells, or Ladarius Green?”

Ah, here we are again with the classic Ladarius Green conundrum. How many times can we hype up a single guy on athletic ability without him flashing any semblance of starting-caliber skill?

Well, here I am again on the Ladarius Green train. After 74 yards and a touchdown against the Lions, Green might actually have something going this year.

He’s definitely a better option than Eric Ebron. He also found the end zone, but a lot of his work came in garbage time when the Lions were playing from behind in the final two minutes of the game.

And for Fells, I’m not sure how many 48-yard scampers you’re going to get from a 6′ 7″, 275-pound tight end.

I would go Green. No pun intended.

“Is Marcus Mariota a legitimate fantasy football option?”

The overreactions never cease to amaze me. Just as I begged you not to overreact on Peyton Manning, don’t fall into the same trap with Marcus Mariota.

Sure, Mariota was magical in his NFL debut. But he was magical against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – which is like doing magic tricks on a street corner in Nashville and not quite Penn and Teller.

I promise you Mariota is going to find hardship against the Browns in Week 2. That’s not me saying I don’t like the kid, or want him to succeed. It’s just reality.

If you want to add him to your bench just to say you did, go right ahead. But he won’t touch a single starting lineup of mine, season long or DFS.

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