I’m struggling to find a comparable week in fantasy football quite like the one we just had in Week 2. It was truly one of the funkiest weeks in recent memory.

Absolutely nothing played out according to script and the waiver wires are being attacked like a starving vulture on an inviting carcass.

I am one of those vultures. Because after two weeks, my original plan is quickly losing its stable foundation. Yes, I’m a Jay Cutler owner. Yes, I own Jeremy Hill, Mike Evans, and Jimmy Graham.

It’s a smorgasbord of first world problems. So I’m just going to take this one by one like I’m talking to a psychiatrist.

Alright here we go. Woosah.

First off, I’m so damn confused about what to make of Travis Benjamin. He definitely deserves a spot on your roster, so pick him up. But be careful with your decisions to place him into your starting lineup or not.

Benjamin is second amongst wide receivers in scoring through two weeks. His 206 yards and three touchdowns are good for top two and three in the NFL. But it’s come on only six receptions – an ungodly 35 yards per catch average.

Those numbers are not sustainable, whatsoever. And if the starting job inexplicably gets handed back to Josh McCown, he’ll lose basically all of that creative synergy he has with Johnny Manziel.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Peyton Manning is still struggling. So is Andrew Luck. Tony Romo and Jay Cutler are hurt. Drew Brees is hurt and struggling. Judging by this, there’s basically a 60 percent chance the quarterback on your fantasy football roster is either hurt or struggling.

So, what do you do?

For starters, the Pope is in the country so you can try and pray. Perhaps Pope Francis’s presence in the United States sparks some sort of superhuman uplifting in the play of a certain former Notre Dame quarterback.

Yes, I’m talking about this guy.


Also, if you missed it, this guy quarterbacks the Cowboys now.

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If my choice in media didn’t make it clear whether you should pick up either Jimmy Clausen or Brandon Weeden, the answer is a distinguishable no.

Instead, try and trade some wide receiver depth for Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton – who somehow doesn’t have a turnover yet this season. Or maybe some idiot in your league is really low on Andrew Luck and will trade him for ten cents on the dollar.

Because from what I’m forecasting at the fantasy quarterback position moving forward is that no one is safe unless your name is Aaron Rodgers. However, there is room to attack.

I mentioned Luck, whose upcoming schedule includes the likes of Tennessee, Jacksonville, Houston (three teams he has a four-year track record of torching), New England, New Orleans, and Carolina.

In all honesty, he doesn’t have a tough matchup on paper until Week 9 against Denver.

Moving on, I have a serious concern regarding Jimmy Graham. In my tight end preview I said the position was Gronk and Graham (then Kelce and Olsen) or bust, but it’s starting to look like Gronk or bust from the perspective of consistent elite production.

Jimmy Graham is an awful fit in Seattle, something I failed to realize before any real game action started. In all honesty, the Seahawks are probably better suited running out single TE sets with Luke Willson for what they want to accomplish on offense. Even Pete Carroll recognizes it.

I’m in the process of shipping Graham for a jumpstart wide receiver like Donte Moncrief. If you choose the same path I wouldn’t blame you.

However, don’t be so quick to pull the trigger on trading away Jeremy Hill and Mike Evans. Week 2 was brutal for both guys, so much so that there’s a very real fear Giovani Bernard can unseat Hill on the Bengals’ RB depth chart.

But that’s not going to happen. Hill is still the starter, but Gio is proving his worth in the Bengal offense after a rough 2014 season. While most (like myself) thought Hill and Bernard would move further away from each other, they’ve actually moved closer.

Still, it’s only Week 3 and folks are quick to ignore Hill’s double TD game in Week 1. Remember, as always, to trust the process.

Well, that concludes my diatribe about the odd first two weeks of this fantasy football season. Keep a look out for this week’s mailbag post answering specific Week 3 inquiries coming either tomorrow or Thursday morning.


If you have any other questions or concerns over your lineups don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter (@blenbeans) or in the comments section.