We’ve arrived at Week 8 of the NFL season, which makes me wonder where the hell October went.

It seems like just yesterday I was telling you guys to go all in on the Miami Dolphins and avoid Melvin Gordon like your life depended on it.

I have to say, it’s been an entertaining and productive fantasy football season so far – but nothing matters if you don’t keep the positive momentum rolling into November as we approach that thing called the playoffs.

And if you don’t currently have any positive momentum, then it’s time to make a move.

This week we’ll focus on gym rat running back extraordinaire Danny Woodhead, Darren McFadden taking the running back reigns in Dallas, and the normal allotment of your hypothetical trade situations.

Without any delay, let’s rip open the envelope and answer the questions in the Week 8 fantasy mailbag.

Hey there Blen. Thoughts on Mike Evans? Been starting him all year and he doesn’t do shit, bench him this week and 26 pts….

Don’t worry, I’ve been having Evans problems myself. In fact, I just traded him before he broke out for those 26 points and feel like a complete dumbass now. It happens.

My only regret is that I should have seen it coming because Evans did literally the same thing his rookie year. Last year it was an injury-driven slow start, and this season it’s been due to a mix of injury and playing with a rookie quarterback.

Look at the correlation:

Week 8 Fantasy Mailbag

Those are the lines Evans has dropped in the five games he’s played so far in 2015. If you look below at 2014, you’ll see he didn’t break out until the first game of November – which just conveniently happens to be this weekend.

Week 8 Fantasy Mailbag

Evans’ stretch from Week 8 to Week 11 a year ago was insane. He couldn’t be stopped on the way to nearly 500 yards and six touchdowns in just four weeks.

That’s the type of player he is. He’s physically overpowering and can take over a game (or season) at any time. Bottom line: Keep starting Mike Evans with confidence.

What do you expect out of Darren McFadden the rest of the year?

If he’s able to stay on the field, good things. However, as years of hair-pulling and phone-throwing has taught us, Darren McFadden literally can not stay on the field when he sees extended work.

It’s sad because he was so good coming out of Arkansas. McFadden is one of the greatest college running backs of all time and the No. 4 overall pick, but only has a long list of hamstring injuries to show for it.

The Cowboys have already announced they’ll head into Week 8 against Seattle with McFadden as the starter, so you’re definitely good to roll with him this week. But moving forward, it’s going to be a week by week case study of whether or not Darren McFadden can be trusted.

So don’t mortgage your future on him.

Is Danny Woodhead a viable every week running back in all formats?

Rookie Melvin Gordon hasn’t been good all season, and now he’s battling an ankle injury. Not the best combination.

On the other hand, Danny Woodhead rarely gets injured, works his ass off, and is pretty much Philip Rivers’ safety valve.

Though his splits certainly favor PPR formats, Woodhead is currently RB7 in ESPN standard scoring leagues. He’s accumulated 595 total yards and four touchdowns on the season, and if Gordon continues to be limited then those numbers are only going to trend up.

After suffering a season-ending injury (the only major one of his career) in Week 3 last year, Woodhead is once again showing what he can do when he gets a lot of love. In 2013, he had over 1,000 total yards and 8 touchdowns during his first season with the Chargers – so the production this season is no fluke.

Don’t be afraid to roll with Woodhead the rest of the year as your RB2.

I want to move either Doug Martin or Adrian Peterson for a wideout. Who do you hold on to?

Week 8 Fantasy Mailbag

Martin and the Bucs offense are trending upwards.

Doug Martin. It’s freaking insane to even think that this is a question, but that’s where we’re at. I loved Adrian Peterson earlier this season, and I still do. He remains a top-five running back in the NFL.

The only problem is that Adrian Peterson isn’t finding the end zone and his offensive line is, well, offensive. Meanwhile, Doug Martin and the entire Buccaneers offense is trending upwards.

If you have a love connection with AP then keep him. But the difference between the two is that Martin will put up the production necessary to stabilize your running backs corp – and you can get a bigger return for Adrian Peterson.

Is Karlos Williams worth a roster spot right now? 

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that Karlos Williams was going to be the highest scoring rookie running back this season? Well, a concussion has sorely derailed that prediction and Todd Gurley is out of his mind.

All that being said, I would save a roster spot at the end of my bench for him (especially in multiple keeper or dynasty leagues) solely because of how good he was in the early season.

Not to mention, LeSean McCoy is as injury prone as any running back in the NFL.

I’m targeting a TE in a trade, do you like Gary Barnidge or Travis Kelce better moving forward?

I may have got cute saying keep Doug Martin over Adrian Peterson, but I’m not going down the same path with Kelce vs. Barnidge. Despite Barnidge’s absolute takeover of the tight end position in recent weeks, I’ll stick with Kelce.

One big reason for this is Josh McCown. McCown loves Barnidge, which comes as no surprise considering Barnidge and McCown look and feel synonymous to that type of buddy duo you see coaching your kid’s pee wee games.

But McCown is injured, and Johnny Manziel figures to not target Barnidge as much as McCown has.

Kelce is ultra-talented and continues to put up the reception and yardage numbers you want in a tight end. I’m willing to bet that he starts finding pay dirt in the second half of the season.