At this point in the game, you’ve probably heard about the fine menswear that is Bonobos. The online merchant was founded by CEO Andy Dunn on the premise that creating fine apparel from premium materials that fits well is worth a little extra.

Put simply, guys will pay well for good pants.

An immaculate customer service record, easy returns, and a long grace period for sending back the box all make Bonobos a go-to for the professional man who wants some high-end apparel in his repertoire without having to hike to the ends of the earth to get it.

Now, I’m as addicted to online shopping as any other guy because I like buying things from my phone or laptop with my credit card fake money and having them sent directly to me so I don’t have to carry them. When you physically go shopping, you have to carry all of the things and I don’t want to live my life as a pack mule.

But while avoiding shopping malls and their consumer zombies like the plague has worked out for me pretty well so far, there is a downside: Returns.

For whatever reason, despite the fact that men’s clothing sizes are measured in inches (and not some randomly assigned number like women’s), not all inseams are created equal. Even if you think you know your size, there are all sorts of cuts, fits, and tailored measurements that drastically change the way the clothing looks and feels on your body. These things make online shopping very not perfect—or at the very least result in a lot of un-returned clothes.

I once bought a pair of pants online from a company with a name similar to H&N. The pants, which would have been small by Baby Gap standards, were nearly impossible to get rid of. I brought them to two different stores to try to return them, only to be told that I had to send it back to the warehouse. After a lot of pointless and angry muttering under my breath, I sent them back only to be returned three weeks later with a note explaining how they’re no longer accepting that style. They shipped MY pants BACK, all so those pants can sit on a shelf, hidden away from the world, in shame.

Online shopping sob stories aside, Bonobos’ returns are pretty painless. They come in a box with a return label inside so you essentially have to do nothing to send them back. But that takes time, and time is in short supply. Time is also money. Time is on my side. You get the picture.

Luckily for us, Bonobos has evolved to make these shenanigans a thing of the past, where you can guarantee a good fit and satisfaction with the clothing, have things shipped direct, avoid carrying giant bags and still take advantage of the sweet return policy.

Hello and nice-to-meet-you from The Bonobos Guideshop.

With little overhead and lots of changing rooms, the Guideshop is tailored directly to the ways guys shop and ideal for getting fitted for style without fighting through the Michigan Avenue masses.

The Guideshop premise is simple:

  1. Have your very own Guide walk you through the whole collection
  2. Try on as much as you like to find a fit, fabric, color and style you dig
  3. Ship your order to your home, office, or parents’ basement
  4. Walk out hands-free and bagless

The selection in-store is everything that’s featured on their site, and while they’re known for the chinos, Bonobos has a great selection of shirts, blazers, and even tuxedos available to try on and test drive. They’ve also got several unique cuts and fabrics for their clothes. Try the Athletic Cut chinos with the stretch fabric—great for guys who want a slim cut to their slacks but still also want circulation in their knees.

The e-commerce chain just opened its second Chicago location (21st overall) on 900 N Michigan Ave and treated us to one hell of a launch party.

They had everything: Half Acre tallboys, a guy dressed like Walter White in high tops, and even Jimmy Buckets himself slinging out Hors D’ouerves. In short, these guys know exactly what they’re doing.

Stop by and check them out.Bonobos Guideshop 2