As you’re savoring your favorite hoppy, hipster beer this evening to declare the weekend, pour one out in honor of the world’s Shultzes, Schumachers, Schröders, and Krügers.

That’s right, we’re talkin’ about the Germans. Hell, they deserve a nod every once in a while — in this case, every 500 years. After all, tomorrow (Saturday, April 23rd) marks the quincentenary of Reinheitsgebot.

Or as some call it, “German Beer Purity Law.” This 1516 Munich-issued decree ruled that German beer could only be created using three simple ingredients: barley, hops and water. Upon its later discovery, yeast was not-so-begrudgingly added to that VIP list.

In short, this is the law that you can thank for keeping your beloved Bavarian brews authentic – and we all know how important authenticity is to maintaining your hipster image.

So, how can you properly pay homage to this important bylaw this weekend? Go where it’s a German holiday 365 days a year: The Radler (das Radler, if you know what’s up).

It doesn’t hurt that at 2375 N. Milwaukee Ave., the beer hall is nestled in hipster Mecca. 

The Logan Square gastropub is serving up commemorative specials and draft suds from a pair of true beer gods: brothers James and William O’Brien, local Chicagoans and owners of Lombard’s Flesk Brewing Company.

This duo’s microbrewery still upholds the age-old Reinheitsgebot purist protocol by exclusively brewing The Radler’s Haus Helles and Haus Hefeweizen with only barley, hops, water and yeast. No pineapple flavored lagers here, just true, traditional beer brewing at its best.


Looking for other Chicago German bars or restaurants to hit up over the weekend?Consider the following options, all of which offer steins and/or the infamous “das boot”:

  • Prost, 2566 N. Lincoln Ave. in Lakeview
  • Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group, 17 W. Adams St. in The Loop
  • Chicago Brauhaus, 4732 N. Lincoln Ave. in Lincoln Square
  • Huettenbar, 4721 N. Lincoln Ave. in Lincoln Square
  • Resi’s Bierstube, 2034 W. Irving Park Road in North Center