Thanks to our friends at Four Corners Tavern Group, we went to the unofficial public unveiling of ‘SteakBar’ on Friday night.

In an exciting collaboration with Hogsalt Hospitality (Au Cheval, etc.), the menu offers a rare collection of prime steaks and creative appetizers. Bars on three floors and a DJ in the stairwell (not kidding) make this seem more like a nightclub than a steakhouse, but one bite of their ribeye will bring you back to reality.

Located in the heart of Old Town (on Wells in between Benchmark and Fireplace Inn), there’s little doubt this new spin on steakhouse will be a direct hit.

Without further adieu, here is a moment-by-moment postgame recap of our Friday night field trip. And even more importantly, a preview of what’s to come when SteakBar opens for real this Thursday, April 14th.

6:31 pm: Three of us are late, and all four of us failed to remember that slightly important detail about being a ‘BYOB’ event. We ran across Wells St. to grab a couple of six-packs before going in and being seated. You’d think four guys that built a website together could make a quick beer-purchasing decision, but this was not the case.

6:43 pm: We arrived to SteakBar and are seated at our table. We assume they took off the VIP balloons from our seat before arriving, as not to embarrass us.

7:01 pm: We started with the SteakBar Nachos. This was probably the only five minutes of dinner that there wasn’t some sort of an argument going on.


7:15 pm: Next we split a classic Caesar salad, which brought our brisket-saturated palates back to life. 

7:35 pm: Maybe we’re biased, but if you’re a group of super hungry dudes you can’t do better than the Diner Street Burger, Shaved Prime Beef, Swordfish Steak and the signature Ribeye.

Top that off with a side of Truffle Mac & Cheese, and our plan of “going out after we drink a few beers during the Cubs game” didn’t make it much further than the couch.

8:20 pm: Oh yeah, and our waitress obviously convinced us we had room for dessert when she said the words “banana split.”

9:01 pm: It wasn’t until leaving that we realized there was a DJ in the stairwell.

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Food-induced obliviousness aside, the best part of the experience was that you can dress as nice as the ribeye or as casual as the nachos (we were somewhere in the middle) and enjoy it all the same.

Like Chicago Eater put it, “they’re trying for a decidedly casual atmosphere. Patrons wearing flip flops and shorts are welcome.”

And regardless of your fashion tendencies, everybody can agree with the reasonable prices – Exhibit A of the casual upscale hybrid that SteakBar is well on its way to becoming.