Any employed creative person – myself very much included – have one thing in common: we can almost all say that we love our jobs.

Seriously, being creative and paid and able to live on that pay is one hell of a gift.

But that being said, there are some pretty awesome dream jobs out there that would make even us creative weirdos real jealous.

We all know about cool jobs like professional island caretaker, but there are some amazing ones that have flown under our radar. Video Game Player (sup Grandma’s Boy), Wine Expert, freakin’ ice cream taster? Yes, please.

Thanks to this handy infographic from we can paint the dream job picture for you. Get your resumes ready, kids – time to quit that comfy cubicle job and put your blimp-flying clothes on:


Here’s my personal ranking for most awesome to still awesome but not quite as awesome:

15. Food Stylist – This is the least cool because something tells me that you won’t actually be allowed to eat the food after making it look all fancy. And that’s just a terrible thing.

14. Disneyland Face Character – So cool…but such shallow qualifications.

13. Power Line Helicopter – Plus side: you get to fly a helicopter. Down side: you’re flying near risky power lines. All the danger, only some of the cool.

12. Hollywood Stunt Person – Only high up because who doesn’t know that this exists?

11. Blimp Pilot – Tthis wins for most random job ever.

10. Voice-Over Artist – Maybe people would listen to me more.

9. Greensman – You basically get your name in the credits of a movie for fluffing some leaves. Genius.

8. Chief Listening Officer – I spend a ton of time on twitter and tumblr, can I get my computer now?

7. Race Engineer – It’s like playing God…if God really liked racecars.

6. Ethical Hacker (aka Computer Hacker) – Obviously.

5. Unexploded Ordnance Technician (aka blow bombs up) – This is only so far up because it’d be dangerous, but John McClane-ing day would be damn epic.

4. Video Game Player  I like to think that these are where the actual ‘comp’ players come from – it’s just a bunch of people in a room. Like XBOX live but a secret.

3. Crossword Puzzle Writer  If you can’t solve ’em, make ’em.

2. Sommelier (aka Wine Expert) – I could give or take the whole knowinabout the wine species – what matters is the tasting part.

1. Ice Cream Taster – So specific, so well paid, so right.