Hello, and thank you for your support in 2015.

If it weren’t for all of your rude comments, unreasonable expectations, and overall distaste for the media industry – we probably wouldn’t wake up every morning so frustrated and upset with our profession.

Come to think of it, there are very few positives to blogging. Aside from free concert tickets, our employment perks are filtered down to onesies and freedom of opinion.

So, anyways, here are our very opinionated superlatives for 2015. We’ll announce the winners at Noon on New Years Day.

First up is naming our top men of the year. Like the all-too-relatable George Bailey pictured above – these five all made lasting impressions in 2015.

Man of the Year: Stephen Curry


If there was an award for Athlete of the Year, Curry would be given all five nominations. He would also be nominated for Dad of the Year, Baller of the Year, and Californian of the Year.

And given the fact that Curry has only lost 1 game since winning the NBA Finals back in June – shortly after winning the NBA MVP in May – there’s no doubt he’s a contender to win this award as well.

From his daughter Riley winning postgame press conferences to making insanely entertaining plays every other night, no athlete dominated the headlines in 2015 quite like Steph Curry.

And he did so without a shred of controversy.

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Justin Bieber

Bieber is now legally old enough to be nominated for Man of the Year. We didn’t have age requirements to begin with, but still, his youth should be noted.

Before releasing his fourth studio album Purpose in November, headlined by chart-topping smash hits/guilty pleasure anthems “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean,” Bieber’s year started with a collaboration that changed electronic music.

Wait, scratch that…”Where Are Ü Now” changed music in general.

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Donald Trump

This isn’t the only superlative that we’ve nominated Trump for. But we’re into being real around here, and any man that can billow up the press that Trump has in 2015 certainly deserves at least a nomination for Man of the Year.

John Oliver 

We have to include a member of the media in our top men of the year. And yes, we just called John Oliver a member of the media.

As is obvious if you’ve ever watched his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver is goofy but brilliant. Where The Daily Show and The Colbert Report leaned heavy on congressional punchlines and government gossip, John Oliver offers an investigative angle that we haven’t seen in comedy or “talk shows” as a whole.

By giving himself a whole week, Oliver has plenty of time to create comedic gold and have the smartest opinion around on everything from the FIFA scandal to net neutrality.

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Bill Walker

In a nutshell, Walker gave up his running partner and affiliation with the Republican party in order to win the 2014 election for Alaska’s Governor. Now, he’s technically considered the only independent governor in the United States.

Where the rest of the country is busy battling over tickets and titles, Walker put aside the literal nonsense so he could make a difference. Regardless of what your views are on Walker or his decisions during the 2014 election, it is redeeming to see such compromise taking place in the United States.

It might be Alaska, but it’s still a start.