July is pretty much the epicenter of summer activity.

Fireworks, hot dogs, firearms, you name it. If it’s July, you know things are popping off. And since we already provided a visual guide for the festivals in Chicago this summer, we thought a few additional recommendations might come in handy.

Here’s a little index of some activities to partake in this month of July. And remember, play safe kids.

7 Things To Do In Chicago This Month 


1. Spend a Saturday at Arlington Park. 

If doing something ‘not basic’ is on your Chicago summer bucket list, you’re in the right place. Take it from us.

Thanks to America’s Best Racing, the right place to be is Arlington Race Track. Every few Saturdays in the summer, Arlington hosts their “Horses and Hops” event. That means tons of craft beer or cider specialties from the MillerCoors portfolio, the best cover bands in Chicago, and delectable food specials.

Dates: Click here to check out the full schedule and ticket info.

WATCH: “Racing 101” by NBC Sports Network

2. Go to ‘Movies in the Park’ on a Tuesday. 

Clearly, we’d like to make a joke about the club going up on a Tuesday. That said, we’re far too lazy to think of a punchline.

Speaking of Tuesdays, you can watch movies in Millenium Park this summer. Every Tuesday, one hand-picked featured film will be played to the pleasure of thousands. All you need is a blanket, a six pack, and preferably some friends.

Or hey, go solo. We’re not judging.

Dates: Here’s the slate for the rest of July…

July 14th – Edward Scissorhands
July 21st – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
July 28th – Almost Famous

For the complete schedule of ‘Movies in the Park’ click right here, yo. 

3. Windy City Smokeout

You might be saying, “hey, what about Taste of Chicago?”

Can we suggest this instead of Taste of Chicago? As fun as it is, the Taste is basically lots of sweaty people running into each other while eating hot food in the hot sun. It’s also the most obvious July Chicago activity you can choose.

At least Windy City Smokeout (in its third year) is an original gathering of a bunch of sweaty people eating hot food in the hot sun. It has the country music/BBQ pairing theme on lockdown, and 13 of the country’s best craft breweries will be in attendance – including Goose Island and Bell’s.

Dates: July 10th-12th

4. Chicago Craft Beer Festival @ Sheffield Garden Walk

I don’t know how I can sell this more than the name sells itself.

So I’m not going to. Just go, like now. Well, actually go on the 18th or 19th because you won’t be let in until then. More details right here.

Dates: July 18th-19th


5. Mamby On The Beach 

If you can’t wait until Lollapalooza for a big-time music festival to hit the city, then stop complaining and go to Mamby On The Beach.

Passion Pit? Empire of the Sun? James Murphy?

Those names alone are worth the experiment. We’ll see you there.

Dates: July 11th & 12th

6. Golf

We’re not joking. Get off your ass and learn how to hit those expensive golf clubs your Grandma bought you for Christmas.

Ironically enough, we just completed a list of the best golf courses in or around the city of Chicago. Enjoy.

7. Rooftop Livin’

The weather is usually a bit more intense by this point in July, but aside from the rain we’re not too upset with 75 and sunny. When Mother Nature is not crying on us this weather makes for perfect rooftop or patio drinking.

Here are ten of our favorite elevated places to get a beer at and enjoy the sights, smells, and tastes of Chicago.