The beginning of July is kind of like the mid-life crisis of summer.

The “warm months” are halfway over.

Some of the bigger Chicago summer festivals – like Division Fest, Old Town Art Fair and The World’s Largest Block Party – have come and gone.

Spring Awakening is once again a whole year away.



But don’t listen to me being dramatic, because in all reality – July means summer is just beginning. July means we (hopefully) won’t have to deal with rain 80% of the time like June felt so compelled to do this year.

Basically, July is the prime of summer no matter where you live. And fittingly, the Chicago summer festivals slate is jam-packed for summer’s second month.

Besides the normal allotment of street festivals, it’s a big month for music – with Pitchfork and Mamby on the Beach going back to back weekends. Even Lollapalooza starts in July this year.

However, as we all know, there’s a lot of shit going on in Chicago besides festivals. After all, you do have to hit your favorite beer gardens and rooftops at some point too.

So to help you keep up with all the events this summer in the Windy City – or to help you find out about some new ones – we made a handy and aesthetically pleasing guide for you. And tossed in some key sports dates too, because we’re nice like that.

Be sure to come back in August and September, but for now – HAGS. Or HAKAS if you’re a badass.


Graphic by Carlyn Hill

(Photo credits: Boston Harborfest, Brandon, Andreas Duess, Harry (Howard) Potts, Wikipedia, Mamby, MuskegoStormBaseball, Serge Melki, fhwa, Salim Virji, Wikipedia,      public domain, hitfix, Wikipedia, Mike Mozart, and Lollapalooza)