Sound the alarm, this is one of maybe three times you’ll ever see me voice support for Aaron Rodgers.

But as I showed when I talked about Marshawn Lynch, I’ll gladly be the voice of the common NFL player when he doesn’t want to raise his.

Despite not attending the school or having any real connection outside of his drivers license, Aaron Rodgers is a fan of the Wisconsin Badgers.

Rodgers has been shown by cameras multiple times at the past two Wisconsin games with smoke show girlfriend, Olivia Munn and retired professional golfer Andy North, who was born in Madison. Besides Steve Stricker, the Badgers’ celebrity contingent was in full force this weekend.

That’s cool. I don’t care who he roots for. And I’m assuming most of the media doesn’t. That is, as long as he gives them an interview.

Well, someone didn’t get an interview so naturally Dennis Dodd went to Twitter to cry about it. Let’s make one thing clear, Aaron Rodgers was attending the game as a fan and this guy tried to drop the “biggest moments in the state’s history” on him as if that would get his fans to sympathize with him. Dodd is also apparently convinced the media should get credit for Rodger’s likable image. Maybe he should get a job in P.R.

He followed this with a series of tweets.

His fans wouldn’t sympathize with him, so he reached out to the Wisconsin fan base in a lame attempt to blackball Rodgers from the herd. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s for credentialed media only.

No response from my personal fans, no response from the Wisconsin fans; you know what, let’s go cry to the NCAA. I had no idea that fans were required to give interviews to the national media. If he didn’t want to talk to you, he didn’t want to talk to you.

“For us to be blown off?” Dennis Dodd is firmly convinced he’s a victim of something. Get over yourself.

Finally, the reigning NFL MVP decided to address this issue.

For Aaron Rodgers to call you the biggest Twitter crybaby of the night, considering how many Twitter trolls and crybabies he deals with on a daily basis, is really saying something.

I have a feeling Barry Alvarez is going to side with Rodgers on this one. Along with just about everyone not named Pete Prisco, who hates everyone and everything popular.

Had Rodgers given the interview, Dodd wouldn’t even be bringing it up. But he didn’t, because he’s in his offseason.

Get over it and continue doing your job, which is interviewing athletes playing in the games and the coaches coaching them; not the fans watching them.

No matter how famous they may be.