Scroll down for an updated “Big Macs games” count.

It hasn’t exactly been a great start to 2015 for the Chicago Bulls.

After a 22-10 mark in the first two months of the season, the Bulls are just 8-10 since New Year’s Day. They’ve struggled on defense, been incredibly inconsistent, and Tom Thibodeau’s job rumors probably aren’t going anywhere soon. 

But if there’s one thing we know this Bulls team can do, it’s score the basketball. Which, of course, is always a good thing when the object of the game is to score more than the other team.

It’s also a great thing if you’re a fan of Big Macs, like Ronnie Brewer.

With the Bulls seemingly crossing the 100-point plateau every other night this season, I thought it had to be some sort of record. After all, we’ve been accustomed to the Bulls winning plenty of games with point totals in the high 80’s the last few seasons.

But thanks to the addition of Pau Gasol, Derrick Rose being relatively healthy and a breakout season for Jimmy Butler- the Bulls are scoring a lot more than we’re used to.

This season (101.9 points per game) is only the second since Michael Jordan left that the Bulls have been averaging triple digits a night. The last time – the 2008-2009 season – was Rose’s rookie year under Vinny Del Negro, when the Bulls had a ridiculous nine players in double figures en route to their final nightly average of 102.2.

Naturally, the Bulls’ scoring numbers at the United Center tell the same story – just on a slightly bigger scale. Which, if you’re talking about the Bulls’ Big Macs promotion, is all that really matters.

So far this season, the Bulls are pushing 105 points a night at the UC with an average of 103.5. And just like the first graph stated, 2008-2009 is the only other time they’ve been over 100 points per night at home since the Jordan era.

As we all know, the Bulls give a coupon for a free Big Mac to every fan in attendance each time the Bulls score 100 points and win. Welcome to Chicago. 

Considering all these numbers, I began to wonder even more: how many times have the Bulls given away Big Macs this season?

This season, you’ve basically got a 50/50 chance at free grub, as the Bulls are at 11 ‘Big Macs nights’ through their first 24 home games.

The Bulls are on pace to give away Big Macs 19 times this season – which would be a huge jump from the 14 times they did last season and the most since 2008-2009, when they did it 21 times.

TheSixThirty_BigMacsGraph_020215UPDATED BULLS “BIG MACS GAMES” COUNT: 19 (Through 4/11)

But, seeing that the Bulls finish with 17 of their last 30 at home following this current road trip, they could easily quicken that pace. And thus, a chance to have the most “Big Mac games” since the ’96-97 squad had an absurd 28. How many actual Big Macs would that equate to? Funny you ask.

If the Bulls get to 20 “Big Macs games” by the end of the year, that would equal a cool 380,000 sandwiches according to the math provided in this Tribune article

Yeah, that’s a lot of special sauce.  

(Featured Image courtesy of Videogum)