Last season, the guys at Workaholics decided to return to their roots in comedic story-telling – using their personal experiences as fieldwork for creating each episode.

Adventure and tomfoolery steer the plot for virtually every episode of our beloved Workaholics, and the premiere of Season 5 proves to be no exception.

In “Dorm Daze” – we are reminded of the one consistently underlying characteristic that directly correlates to the success of the show: Adam Demamp.

As a matter of my opinion, the only reason Workaholics has made it to a fifth season is because of Adam (Meat-Mound) Demamp.

It’s a bold statement, but it can be validated.

Let’s use this episode as a statement to the aforementioned proposition.

Season five opens with Adam, Blake, and Anders sitting down to watch the AVN Awards (the porn awards). As the men argue about their predictions like a group of moms at an Oscar party, we get the feeling that the subject matter might pivot towards erotic.

After Adam correctly predicts every award winner, the stage has been set for the protagonist (Demamp) to take center stage as the only redeeming quality this show has to offer…once again.

The next day at the office, as Adam teaches his co-workers how to correctly “crank down in the mirror”, boss Jillian sends the trio out on a field trip to a job recruiting fair at North Rancho College.

Per usual, all three characters have their own pre-conceived objective for attending the job fair.

As Anders tries to hold down the fort at their booth, Blake and Adam set out on their own unique mission. As the two walk through the quad, Adam is struck by severe deja vu – realizing he’s standing on the same campus where his favorite porn segment Dorm Daze was shot. After his revelation, Adam calls a personal investigation in order to locate the exact dorm where the gang-bangs were filmed.

As Adam buzzes from dorm to dorm channelling his inner detective, he uses his keen animal instincts to sniff out any remanence of a spermicidal trajectory.

On the other side of campus, Blake finds himself on stage auditioning for a student play resulting from a momentary aspiration to become an actor (spurred by the AVN Awards).

After he gets kicked out of the audition for a lousy performance, an attractive female bystander approaches Blake asking him to act in her student film.

We all see where this is going…

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the hell Anders is in all of this hoopla, he’s busy getting blasted by a slushy enema through the hands of Matthew Lawrence. If you need to read that sentence over again, go ahead. It’s that ridiculous.

Anders and his anal escapades with the star of Jumping Ship can be pocketed for another occasion. There’s enough plot to go around without dipping into the Lawrence stew (cue The Hot Chick). I think you get the picture.

Back to Adam. As Meat-Mound scours the campus in search of ‘the porno’, he spots a pretty little lady entering a class-room carrying a book titled simply, “Female Sexuality”. Assuming it might lead to the next clue, Demamp enters the classroom not knowing the class being taught is Feminist Gender Studies. Like a salmon swimming up-stream with a pack of impoverished bears lining the side-lines, Demamp had entered his living hell.

As the feministic teacher studies and analyzes Adam’s every move like the narrator of Planet Earth, Adam explains how pornography encapsulates his life-long happiness.

As the teacher publicly breaks him down by personally manipulative means, Adam finally reaches his breaking point when the teacher brings up the possibility of his mother acting in porn.

After hearing the words mother and porn in the same sentence, DeMamp pulls a 180 and decides to shut down “the porno”:

“No mommy should go home and make ham-sandwiches for little boys with ejaculator on their fingers. I’m doing it…FOR THE MOMMIES!!!”

As they enter the dorm room in search of the porno, Adam and his army of feminists stumble on set – revealing Blake to be the unknowing antagonist. It sets up an interesting parallel between the sexist brain-washing of Adam into a sex-less chauvinist, propagated by the forced manipulation of Blake’s amateur acting career.

With Blake acting as the perfect catalyst for Adam’s sexual intervention, eventually all works out for the trio (even though none of the conflict was resolved).

Once again, a Workaholics episode escapes mainstream examination through the inclusion of ample absurdity and whimsical one-liners from Demamp to satisfy the millennial demographic’s brief attention span.

If not for comedian Adam Devine and his uncanny comedic timing, Workaholics would not have made it to a fifth season.

And unless they figure out a way to develop the other main characters into each episode (or continue to add flawless supporting characters like Stan Halen), Workaholics Season 5 premiere could end up being the last Workaholics season premiere you’re ever going to see.