So Amazon has given us some pretty legendary reviews in the past.

I mean who could forget the classic comments from the 55 gallon tub of lube or the stomach demon that was the 5 lb of sugar-free gummy bears?

But from the depths of comes a whole ‘nother product to love to hate on: Banana Bunker.

Oh yes, it’s real. So real that it even got the attention of Stephen Colbert way back in 2012 when he did a tutorial on how to use it on The Colbert Report. It’s hilarious and way less creepy than the actual tutorial by the product’s creator, which couldn’t be weirder.

And the Amazon reviews are pretty amazing.

Some make you wonder how people survive without banana bunker.


Some give examples of how it can be used as both a heroic and protective device (not that kind of protection).



And some honestly tell you that it’s not good for allergies; and that there is indeed no GPS system built in for when you drop it from your hang-glider and need to find your delicious treat.



And finally, others are very honest about alternative uses for the Banana Bunker that it makes literally everyone think of.




Merry Christmas.

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