We all know James Cameron for his revolutionary directorial skill-set. His movies stand the test of time, often using a hero’s journey as a plot scheme to portray his story in the right light.

While Titanic may be his claim to fame, Cameron should be remembered for more than his movies, and here’s why.

Let me break it down-

James Cameron

National Geographic

James Cameron and fellow director Guillermo del Toro are good friends. Having met during the pre-production of del Toro’s 1993 cult hit, Cronos,  the duo fused a lasting friendship through their passion for all things cinema. Over the next few years, del Toro would stay at Cameron’s guest home for extended periods of time providing notes on eachother’s work.

Over time, Cameron learned of a situation involving Guillermo’s father.

According to Uproxx, during the troubled production of Mimic, Guillermo del Toro learned that his father, Federico del Toro, had been kidnapped off the streets of his Mexican hometown, Guadalajara. The kidnappers wanted $1 million for the safe return of his papa, and unfortunately del Toro had invested all of his money into his sci-fi film. As the days passed, del Toro was running out of options.

And then, out of nowhere, an angel appeared in the form of Mr. Cameron.

When JC learned of Federico del Toro’s kidnapping, he immediately sought out his old friend and took him to a nearby bank where he handed him over $1 million in cash for the ransom. And that’s not all – Cameron even went on to recommend a negotiator that would help del Toro’s father get home safely.

After 70 days passed since the abduction, Federico del Toro was released to his family without a scratch on him.

James Cameron saved the day and will forever be remembered as the only director to safely negotiate with terrorists.

Take that Rose Dawson.