Living in Chicago, I find it difficult to be moved by the outrage and overreaction of fans following the latest misfortune of our beloved Chicago Bears.  After hearing enough of it, I’ve simply tuned out the noise.

“Fire everybody!”

“Clean house!”

Blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard it before, stop spitting on me.

After the Chicago Bears’ most recent skid, fan reaction has taken a turn for the worst. Nobody is safe, and evidently that includes the daughters of head coach, Marc Trestman.

The Trestman daughters—Chloe and Sarahanne—have been viciously derided on social media, with sentiments including archaic anti-gay remarks, incomprehensibly graphic threats of rape and violence, and everything else in between.

If you’re looking for a reason to be embarrassed of your city, forget what’s happening on the playing field and focus on the tremendous losers who are spending their time attacking these poor girls.

These are likely the same sweaty, beef jerky-wielding bullies you remember from your high school cafeteria, only now they have computer screens behind which they can hide. Sure, their days are likely still comprised entirely of internet porn and Final Fantasy, but they’re not the losers.

No, guys, apparently the daughters of their favorite football team’s head coach are the losers.

Makes sense.

The most amazing part is that these girls have consistently taken the high road, even though no one would blame them if they lashed out or went into hiding. Hell, no one has shown half the grace that they have. The players have started barking back; the hot dog vendors have holed up; and Staley – the team mascot – has headed for hibernation early.

It’s like being at a bar and watching some douchebag spray rude comments and Jack & Coke on a girl from a foot away. In this instance (instead of splashing a drink in his face), she issues a deafening silence—and even a polite smile.

In a fairy tale, this is where the hunky hero comes in to the rescue Chloe and whisper, “You’re beautiful. You deserve better. Can I buy you a drink?”

But the internet has proven far from a fairy tale for the Trestman girls. The nightmare is ongoing, and the line of blabbering dipshits is never-ending.

And seriously, of all the possible targets, why them?

They’re gorgeous, insightful, and entertaining—let’s please not scare them away.

Chloe (upper right) is funny, and certifiably HOT (in capital letters). She has a severity to her beauty and boasts a smile that would make the gods blush. If you don’t believe me, take a look at her Instagram.

However, don’t do so if you are at work or in a public setting of any kind. While the images themselves are entirely appropriate, your reactions could potentially be very NSFW.

Moving on…

Please do yourself a favor and check out Sarahanne’s Twitter. She is also a total babe, and owns a wickedly sharp sense of humor that is lethal when weaponized. I pray for the soul of any guy that dare treat her badly in real life.

So whether it be in real life or a fairy tale, I cannot for the life of me imagine why people would want to treat these girls badly.

Chloe & Sarahanne, Chicago owes you both an apology.

Until then, please accept my own personal apology. It may mean very little, but please allow me to say I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. Oh, and also this…

You’re beautiful.

You deserve better.

And uhh, can I buy you a drink?