When we heard the wonderful news that Chipotle delivery was starting service in Chicago (through third-party Postmates), we obviously had to try America’s favorite Mexican food with a side of America’s favorite thing: Convenience.

Even though the thought of Chipotle without having to get off your ass sounds flawless on paper, you can’t know until you try it.

And thus began our quest to see if Chipotle delivery is worth it.

We ran the experiment rather simply.

Our main objectives: price, time, and quality of food. With five orders, we did three via online delivery and sent trusty editor Brian on foot to order the other two in person.

We ordered from the same location to ensure the quality of food and transit time comparisons were fair. Can’t mess around with Chipotle delivery experiments.

The first moment of adversity popped up when we found out you have to sign up for an account on Postmates, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Also be prepared for the system to clear your entire order without notice.

From there, you pick any one of Chicago’s 13 Chipotle locations (can’t tell if that seems high or low).

ChipotleDue to The Six Thirty‘s coordinates in River North, the optimal choice was the Chipotle at Grand and State, about eight blocks away.

It was close enough to walk to, and far enough where getting delivery wouldn’t have been ridiculously lazy (American).

Ironically, as we would find out when Brian returned, our delivery man Pavle was three spots ahead of him in line — proving again that bikes are the ideal means of transportation around this city.

One thing everyone appreciates is a punctual and courteous delivery man. Pavle crushed it, easily living up to his lofty five-star rating on Postmates’ website. We tried to give him six stars but regrettably settled for five.

Now, to the numbers.


On foot — 2 pm to 2:45 pm
Delivery — 2:11 pm to 2:37 pm

Though not by much, the Postmates prompt delivery service and our man Pavle was clearly the faster option. The order was approved at 2:11 and arrived within the half hour. Impressive.

We had Brian leave the office as we began placing the order online to account for time spent in line. It didn’t matter how long the line was; it’s evident that the delivery service was more expeditious.

However, the intangible cost of Brian’s exercise before his meal was something we simply can’t measure in units.


The Postmates delivery costs $5 plus a nine percent tax and tip.

For a veggie burrito, a burrito bowl and chips and guac the bill was just north of $30.

Essentially, the delivery charges end up equalling another meal – not horrible if you remember that you’re eating Chipotle.

The Actual Food Chipotle

It’s a given that food can get tossed around during commute. If you order a burrito bowl, this could end up being a benefit – but if you order a burrito it could turn into a wrap job disaster.

Pavle must have been a smooth ride because everything showed up intact. However, the sour cream was all over the place in the bowls. We’ll go ahead and put that one on the Grand and State Chipotle. Or it’s our fault for getting the unhealthy sour cream in the first place.

The Verdict

Chipotle is worth it every time no matter what. And the delivery is worth it if you’re ordering in a group and there isn’t a Chipotle within three blocks. That $5 service charge and nine percent tax are set in stone, so for solo orders we suggest you get your ass up and grab some fresh air.

Now that it’s May, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be working off that sour cream (you’re getting sour cream) with a nice five or six block walk to and from the office.

But if you want to bite the bullet on an individual burrito delivered to your face next winter, we won’t judge.