Australian tennis? Nothing that intriguing.

But man, this is a GOAT headline for an otherwise boring topic. Australian people love that whole IDAF mentality. So laid back, so chill about everything, and so willing to just do whatever they feel.

Even if that means making the headline for a tennis column, “Bernie Chokes On Kokk.”

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Here’s a little background on the matter:

Bernard Tomic and Thanasi Kokkinakis are both Australian professional tennis players and faced off in the second round of the French Open. Kokkinakis beat Tomic. Thus, it was only logical to proclaim that Tomic choked on the Kokk.

And yes, Kokk is pronounced exactly how you think it is.

I read the little bit of the column that was visible and man; it’s pretty good stuff.

“…was reined in by a bloody and battered Kokk…” has got to be up there in the running for best column line to inadvertently become far funnier than was probably originally intended.

And, given circumstances, the subtle “It’s massive,” he said, takes on a whole new meaning.

Also, shift your eyes a little lower to a neighboring column and you see that this newspaper is trying to revive the word ‘Schmuck’, creating a mildly funny play on the classic Disney Channel Original Movie, Luck of the Irish.

Nonetheless, I applaud this newspaper’s headline writer for his overall solid work in creating these legendary headlines. But mainly, for being Australian and having the balls to say that some dude choked on Kokk. That’s classic.