Welcome to Thursday’s edition of Unpopular Take Nation. I’m Brian and the new Batman v Superman trailer is hot garbage.

The highly anticipated trailer debuted publicly on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Wednesday night. That goes without saying when you consider the cult following of Batman, Superman, and DC Comics individually.

Now, just put them together, blow some shit up, add a creepy dude in the fold and watch your dollars stack up because people eat that shit up.

This trailer, however, is not good. I should put out a full disclaimer that I’m still going to see the movie and happily throw my hard earned money at the comic cash cow. But I’ll be damned if I bite my tongue on this trailer’s quality.

First of all, I still can’t get over Ben Affleck in a Batman costume. This is the same asshole that was in Gigli, right? From the sound of it though he does a pretty good Batman voice. Far better than Christian Bale’s at least.

But what I can’t wrap my head around is why the Batman v Superman director opted to use the devilish monster from This Is The End to battle for humanity against these superheroes.

Oh, and not to mention, the trailer completely spoils the exact moment in the movie when Wonder Woman arrives. Yeah, Wonder Woman is in this, too. How is there any suspense anymore? It’s one thing to show Wonder Woman in the trailer. That’s fine. But it’s another to completely give away the exact moment and lines that happen around her arrival.

If I was a complete Batman v Superman geek I would be pissed. But I’m not. So I really don’t give a shit; it’s just blogging material. Carry on with your day, and good luck trying to get that squeaky, chalkboard voice of Jesse Eisenberg out of your head.