To anyone who says New York City is the true ‘Gotham’ – we now have proof that you’re wrong.

In case you didn’t know, Zack Snyder has been transforming Chicago into Bruce Wayne’s stomping grounds for the 2016 Man of Steel follow-up, Batman Vs Superman. 

And luckily for Instagrammers, the crew seems to have left some things behind on the Green Line before they left for Metropolis:

Which stop? #batmanvssuperman #moviemaking #chicago

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Of all the ways that you could improve the CTA, this is probably the best. The CTA Green line has been fully ‘Gothamized’ – and even if leaving these set pieces behind was on accident, it’s awesome for publicity. The upcoming Batman vs Superman film will also include other familiar Chicago sites. Multiple scenes were filmed throughout the loop, and the Wayne murder scene was filmed in front of the Aragon Ballroom. It’s still up in the air whether Chicago’s cameo in Snyder’s upcoming Batman flick will be as epic as the Lower Wacker car chase in The Dark Knight (or as epic as anything in The Dark Knight for that matter).

Either way, we’re excited that Chicago gets to wear the bat signal crown once more. But most of all, we’re just happy that we can at least imagine a world where riding the ‘L’ only costs $1.50.

Dear CTA, take notes. Even in the corrupt city of Gotham, they don’t charge $3.00 for a single ride on the Green Line.