One of them is a 6’10” potential star at forward for the Chicago Bulls. The other one is a 6’5” franchise quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

Yes, you guessed it.  We’re talking about Nikola Mirotic and Andrew Luck.

With the rookie forward Mirotic currently sporting a healthy beard off the Bulls bench, we couldn’t help but notice he strongly resembles the bearded version of Luck.

Odds are these two won’t ever be confused for each other on the street; considering their sizable height difference and Mirotic’s noticeable accent. And if they ever are, some ten-year-old kid is really going to think Andrew Luck is a beast.

But god forbid either Nikola or Andrew ever commit a crime, one of them might get incorrectly called in for questioning.

We can only hope that Nikola Mirotic and Andrew Luck’s career paths are as similar as their exquisite facial hair.

(Photos courtesy of and YouTube)