Hopefully, you played our Academy Awards drinking game last night. Or at least some variation of your own, because that was possibly the longest and most boring Oscars of all-time.

The highlights were few and far between, including: speeches by Patricia Arquette and Graham Moore, Lady Gaga’s “Sound of Music” performance, and a stirring rendition of “Glory” from Best Picture nominee Selma by John Legend and Chicago native Common.

But the real highlight of the night came moments after the duo received the Oscar for Best Original Song.

Heading towards the stage, the pair stopped by Oprah Winfrey and the Selma crew to celebrate. And Common, leading the charge, showed famous Chicago resident Oprah absolutely no love.

Here’s a textbook definition of ‘leaving somebody hanging,’ courtesy of Lonnie ‘Common’ Lynn:

I shouldn’t say no love because Common did give Oprah quite the affectionate elbow touch/rub after ignoring her rather obvious high-five attempt. Clearly, he was much more interested in giving Selma star David Oyelowo a full-out bro hug.

Hard to blame him considering Oyelowo’s incredible performance as Martin Luther King, Jr. and the money red tux he was wearing. But damn Common, that’s cold man. It’s Oprah. 

Lucky for Oprah, John Legend was there to save the day. Because you know, that’s what John Legend does.