It’s 4/20, the anniversary of Columbine and Hitler’s birthday.

So, of the three topics, what does Fox News decide to cover? 

You guessed it. National Marijuana Day.

To properly ring in the holiday, the morning show FOX and Friends brought on the Hudson Institute’s Dr. David Murray to warn us of the “new” dangers you take by ingesting the plant. 

“Going To Pot?” What does that even mean? Who names that a segment?

Fox News. That’s who would title a segment called “Going To Pot.”

We’re also not sure who at FOX News made the decision to do any segment on “National Marijuana Day,” but that’s probably why they’re working at Fox News.

(Source: Raw Story)

Apparently Murray came across some insider information concerning a new, more potent crossbreed of marijuana from Colorado (of course) called “skunk.”

Clearly doc has passed on marijuana since the 1960’s because nowadays “skunk” refers to basically any type of weed that you’re unhappy smoking.

At the 2:15 mark, Dr. Murray describes synthetic marijuana as “putting Draino on your breakfast cereal.” I seriously doubt it, because that would probably kill you.

Earlier, when talking about edibles, he says that an hour after ingesting, people are “basically just frightened by what happens to them.”

Are you speaking from personal experience, Doctor?

Cheesy music, 80’s military font graphics and a doctor talking about people getting “really blasted and blitzed.”

Well done Fox News, you’ve set a new standard for production value.

Happy Marijuana Day.