Back in 2014, an idea was pitched for a swanky, Vegas-style floating island on Lake Michigan where people could dock up and enjoy a day in the sun. The island would be roughly the length of a football field, with three restaurants, a floating dock, and a massive end-to-end swimming pool.

That sounds pretty sweet, right?

Well, this party project, titled Breakwater Chicago, appears to be moving forward as the company released new artist renderings this past week.

But after watching the promotional video, I can’t help but think how freaking unnecessary this is.

I understand the necessity of staying innovative. Coming up with new ideas to keep people interested in coming around is basically how the world works. But throwing your hypothetical floating party barge in the same conversation as the Willis Tower and Wrigley Field as Chicago’s top tourist attractions is just plain blasphemy.

Essentially, the city is trying to make money off what the already established “Playpen” in Lake Michigan does.

Plus, at a hefty $23 million price tag what are you going to get—three, maybe four months use per year—out of that thing? Color me disinterested. And at a projected capacity of about 2,850, per Curbed Chicago, I can see the wait times, allure, and overall experience becoming more of a hassle than experience.

The Breakwater Chicago team is trying to leave its mark on the city of Chicago and these renderings look fairly flashy, so I’m sure it’ll succeed. Just not with me.