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In case you missed it, a certain collection of Houston Astros’ programs from the 60’s made some headlines earlier this week.

Here’s a quick recap:

Deadspin posted this photo after it was unveiled on Twitter earlier this week by @uniformcritic.

1960’s Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs Souvenir Program

Along with the fucked-up advertising above (that would only fly during the 60’s in Texas), they also found these:

Seems a bit ironic now.

I think Nolan had the last laugh here.

While the latter is more controversial than we can even begin to explain, the next one may be even more controversial.

Why? Because we drew it.

It’s setting up to be an exciting summer for Chicago baseball. The product on the field is primed to be a massive improvement for both teams, but this program adequately describes the one true storyline of 2015: The Chicago Cubs’ battle with the Wrigley Field Rooftop Owners.

Perpetuated by team president, Crane Kenney, and funded by God only knows who, the Cubs have established an unrelenting stranglehold over the common man. One that has included court battles, impeached and imprisoned governors, and monstrous advertising signs.

More on that to come later from The Six Thirty, but for now, enjoy our mock-up of the Chicago Cubs 2015 Opening Day program, inspired by the Astros’ colorful creations from a more liberal time in our country.

Even if you don’t find it funny, at least you get a sneak peek at the cover for the 2015 Cubs season program.


Happy Saturday.

(Background photo courtesy of Zack Hample)