Would you be surprised if I told you only four of the Top 100 revenue generating bars and/or clubs in the United States are from Chicago?

You can thank Las Vegas for that – seeing as they hold seven of the top 10 spots with XS Nightclub, Hakkasan, Marquee Dayclub and TAO Las Vegas placing first through fourth.

1. XS Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV)
2. Hakkasan (Las Vegas, NV)  
3. Marquee Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) 
4. TAO Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) 
5. LIV (Miami Beach, FL)
6. Surrender Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV)
7. LAVO New York (New York, NY)
8. Story (Miami Beach, FL)
9. Hyde Bellagio (Las Vegas, NV)
10. LAVO Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

Care to guess how much the top four clubs made in 2014?

Around $342,000,000… give or take a couple million.

Care to guess which Chicago club or bar came in the highest?

Roof on the Wit at #26 – raking in a cool $13,000,000 in 2014 (not bad for a club that nobody under the age of 30 attends on a regular basis).

What if I told you that the second and third highest revenue generating Chicago bars/clubs in 2014 were both located under the same roof?

Coming in at #49 and #62, Pump Room Bar, and The Library Bar killed it in 2014 while operating at the same hotel: Public Chicago. Talk about a triple threat.

The final Chicago bar making the Top 100 list from 2014 is none other than Kingston Mines coming in at #83. Chicago’s oldest and most legendary blues bar has been doing their thing for almost fifty years, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

Even though it’s not based out of Chicago, it’s worth mentioning that Skooter’s Roadhouse in Shorewood, IL made the list at #89. They must be cooking up some damn good brisket because there’s no other justifiable reason that this bar would make the list.

Let’s just say I’ll be making my way down to Shorewood very, very soon.

Check out the full rankings here.