We’ve all been there.

If you’re home from the bar – and not because you wanted to stop drinking – it’s obviously ideal that you (or your friend) have a somewhat full fridge.

But ‘ideal’ rarely happens, and after splitting up the nine remaining Miller Lite’s among five people, you realize “shit guys, we have to go and get more booze.”

Your future hungover self will probably disagree with the definition of “have to,” but that’s not important right now. It’s 1:45 am and you need to acquire domestic light beer. Or a bottle of vodka if you’re completely insane.

Well, depending on your drunk walking speed and/or willingness to pay for transportation, you’re not shit out of luck. Especially if you live on the north side or west side of the city.

Let us know if we missed any, but for now – here’s our unofficial guide to buying booze in Chicago after 1 am.

Per usual, we always encourage any creative souls to try and convince the bartender to let you buy a case of beer. It’s worked before. 

Chicago Late-Night Booze Buying Guide

Ola’s Liquor | West Town, Ukranian Village

ADDRESS: 947 N Damen Ave

A Ukranian Village staple, Ola’s actually doubles as a bar and liquor store. Close out that tab before 2 am and go buy some beer for the after party. Or for the next day.

Food Smart | Logan Square

ADDRESS: 3415 W Diversey Ave. 
OPEN UNTIL: 24 hours

Enter our first 24-hour location on the list. If you ever find yourself way the hell down Diversey, head to Food Smart and they’ll have anything you could ever want. No seriously, it’s a 24-hour booze store with vegan foods. Talk about worlds colliding.

D & D Food and Liquor | West Town, Wicker Park

ADDRESS: 2006 W Division St

Right in the heart of Wicker Park, D & D seems to have taken full advantage of their monopoly on the local late night booze market. According to a few online reviews, the prices range from “a little much” to “absolutely scum-worthy.” But hey, did we mention it’s open until 2 am?

1000 Liquors | Lakeview

ADDRESS: 1000 W Belmont Ave

After making a shitty decision to enter Big City Tap, make a better one and head next door to 1000 Liquors – which is presumably named after their street address, not the fact they literally have 1,000 liquors. At 4 am you won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

G N S Foods | Uptown

ADDRESS: 4092 N Broadway St

For all you Uptown Funk-ers, this convenience store will get the job done late-night at reasonable prices. Good place to head after a night at The Bar on Buena nearby.

Lakeview Food & Liquor | Uptown, Lakeview

ADDRESS: 4104 N Sheridan Rd
OPEN UNTIL: 24 hours

We’d be bullshitting you if there were reviews to go off of because there haven’t been any posted yet. It’s a store that sells booze 24 hours a day and it’s located in Uptown. Isn’t that what you came here for?

Miska’s Liquor Store | Roscoe Village

ADDRESS: 2156 W Belmont Ave

This place is the shit. A microcosm of the hidden gem that is Roscoe Village, Miska’s has one of the better beer selections we’ve seen in the city and the prices are fair. Plus the employees are nice. Plus there’s a Miska’s bar next door.

Lake & Cicero Ice House Liquors | Austin

ADDRESS: 356 N Cicero Ave

If you couldn’t guess, this late-night booze store is located at the corner of Lake & Cicero. It’s also known for a shooting that occurred right outside in late August. So yeah, probably don’t go here unless you really need to.

Rite Liquors | Ukrainian Village

ADDRESS: 1649 W Division St

Apparently Ukrainian Village is all about dual purpose liquor store bars open until 2 am. Like Ola’s above, Rite Liquors has earned a solid reputation as a friendly dive with the ability to purchase booze on your way out. This Yelper put it best:

“Come here if you’re in just the right mood to desire drinking out of a bottle inside a crumpled brown paper bag.”

Edgewater Food Wine & Spirits | Edgewater

ADDRESS: 1105 Bryn Mawr Ave

Good selection, friendly staff and open 19 hours on Thursday and Friday nights (7 am – 2 am). You could essentially stumble in from the Bryn Mawr Red Line stop as well. And stumble out two blocks to the lakefront. That might be a bad idea though.

Cactus Food and Liquors | Irving Park

ADDRESS: 3358 W Irving Park Rd

Way north and way west at Irving Park and Kimball. Minimal (positive) reviews, but it’s open 8 am – 2 am for six days of the week and open until 1 am on Sunday. Keep it in mind if you’re ever driving south into the city on 90/94 and need a fix.