Enough people get shot per day in Chicago that you’re hyperaware of your surroundings. At all times. While shooting paintball guns seems like a harmless prank, in Chicago, it’s a possibly the biggest jackass move you can make.

This video from Worldstar Hip Hop shows a group bros roaming around the streets of Chicago nailing innocent bystanders with semi-automatic paintball guns.

Real smart, you guys.

In all realness, these dudes are lucky that someone didn’t realize it was paint and instantly pull something real on them. That certainly could have gotten ugly.

Not to mention, this is something that I would have done at like 16 years old right after getting my license. Absolutely zero conscious for consequence. It’s childish. Like tee-peeing the girl you have a crush on or burning out in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Or, like we wrote about the other day, riding the Red Line with a case of Old Style and a cell phone jammer.

But no, hanging out on Chicago’s south side on a Saturday afternoon and have nothing to do? No problem, just grab yourself a paintball gun and roam the most dangerous streets in the country, scaring the life out of innocent people.

Seems legit.