If you’re visiting Chicago and looking for the best food the Windy City has to offer, then you can cross these restaurants off your list.

Well, that’s unless you like live roaches, black mold, rodent droppings, pink slime and/or soiled gloves of course.

In total, nearly 1,900 Chicago restaurants have failed a health inspection in 2015. Take one look at the complete list, and you’ll see the total number of violations are eye-opening.

Unsurprisingly, multiple food chains made the list – but the real grimy stuff doesn’t come out until you get to the specific restaurants.

To break down the contamination, we went through the 200 most recent failed inspections – listed in their entirety in the map at the bottom of the post – and picked out the most alarming violations.

We’re looking at you, Wrigleyville.

Dis-Honorable Mentions

These chains likely fail inspections all over the country, but for transparency purposes here are the ones that failed in Chicago.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Little Caesar’s
White Castle
Gold Coast Dogs
Panda Express
7 Eleven 
Jamba Juice
Buffalo Wild Wings
Burger King
Outback Steakhouse

I’d Rather Eat My Own Foot: The Bottom 10

My apologies if any of these 10 Chicago restaurants are one of your regular eating spots.

Grand Lux Cafe – No evidence of rodent or insect outer openings protected/rodent proofed. Observed live roach crawling on wall at ceiling of Michigan Ave. side waiter station and one on wall at Expo Area outside of oven station. Observed 20 small flying insects on wall, ceiling and shelves at rear where glassware is kept. Observed over 30 small flying insects at both ends of main bars’ soda stations and also at bar.

Hutch – No certified manager on site with original certificates posted at the time of inspection. Part of the ceiling and several counters made out of cardboard.

John Barleycorn (Wrigleyville) – Observed ten live roaches inside a wood box under three compartment sink at 2nd floor at ice machine room.

Johnny O’Hagan’s – Interior of ice machine water reservoir with excess pink/orange slime substance dripping into water reservoir. No certified food handler on premises while potentially hazardous food were prepared and served. No valid city sanitation certificate posted on premises.

Lincoln Hall – Observed ice machine unclean with a black mold-like substance inside. Observed fruit fly infestation throughout first and second-floor bars.

Merkle’s Bar and Grill – Observed a black, mold-like substance on the interior of the ice machine.

Red Ivy – Observed interior of ice machine water reservoir with black slime substance dripping into water where ice is made. Black slime dangling/dripping from interior shutter into ice cubes at ice bin of the unit mentioned.

Rollapalooza – Observed excess black slime inside the ice bin where ice cubes are released dripping on the ice.

Sluggers Grill – Observed 60 rodent droppings in the rear storage room and 20 droppings in the side party room.

Wrigley BBQ – Observed two employees remove soiled gloves and place new gloves on and then proceed to handle fool all without washing hands.

*This post was modified for accuracy on 11/06/2015 at 11:54 a.m.