Stand-up paddle boarding is a lot like Kindergarten. It’s fun, easy-to-learn, and you won’t get yelled at for peeing your pants.

Just kidding, that’s gross. Rant aside, you should probably head to North Avenue Beach Monday night for an out-of-city experience.

Why? Because Chicago SUP, the home of stand up paddle boarding in the Windy City, is offering a Hawaiian adventure for only $20.

And no, you’re not actually going to Hawaii, but you can’t afford the real thing anyways.

Chicago SUP’s current weekly event, the Pau Hana Paddle Party, has been going on every Monday all summer long – which means you’re running out of time because Labor Day is (unofficially) the last Monday of summer.

The Pau Hana event runs from 6 to 8 pm with a discounted hour-long rental rate of $20 (normal is $30) and includes your first drink at Woodie’s Flat in Old Town. Yes, that is a steal.

Need more convincing? Just look how much fun these people are having on the official flyer:


Chicago SUP is the originator and now operator of stand up paddle boarding (hence SUP) in Chicago. If you can’t make it on Labor Day, or any Monday for a post-work unwind, they’re open seven days a week through September from 7 am to 8 pm and offer a few different rental options.

It’s $30 an hour for rentals or you can purchase a 10-hour pass for $250 and save $100 – which includes the necessary PFD (personal flotation device) waist belt and upgraded equipment. Or if you really want to go nuts, buy an unlimited season pass next year for $500.

And if you’re worried about spending the hour falling on your ass, there’s a lesson package available as well.

Of course that dog indicates Chicago SUP.

Of course that red dot indicates Chicago SUP.

Last summer, we caught up with Ian Jacobson – the mastermind behind the Chicago SUP operation – in our ChiTowny video feature.

It’s really the only way we can accurately describe how cool Jacobson’s company and daily experience.