Trivia night is the shit.

Kind of like fantasy football, being good at trivia is a vintage example of bragging rights that don’t require any athletic ability. It’s basically a sport for your brain, which means you can finally get a direct benefit from memorizing all the U.S. state capitals as a kid.

And drinking isn’t only admissible – it’s heavily encouraged.

Say hello to trivia night, also known as the number one reason besides sports to go out on a weeknight. And in Chicago, you’ll probably spend more time deciding where to trivia than anything else.

On that note, we’re here to save your weeknights with a little guide to trivia night in the Windy City – broken down by day. So you’re free to drop useless facts all over the place and party on, Wayne.

Just don’t black out and forget that Springfield is the capital of Illinois.


After a shitty day back at work, your noggin will have no trouble shifting gears to trivia night on Monday. And your soul can always use a cheap beer.

Kirkwood Bar & Grill

Play trivia themed around your favorite TV shows, then go home and watch some TV shows.


Rumor has it Kincade’s has $1 burgers and $2 fries for their team-style trivia Monday’s. That’s cheaper than McDonald’s.

Sidebar Grille

$4 craft bottles and a laid back environment entice trivia-goers at Sidebar.


Tuesday, as you could guess, is easily Chicago’s most popular trivia night. There’s a plethora of bars across every neighborhood that offer a wide range of trivia, suitable for all ages and general life interests.


The Globe Pub

The Globe (maybe the city’s best soccer bar) won best “Pub Quiz” in 2007 and 2008 from Chicago Magazine.

Bull & Bear

Rotating trivia themes and prices you’ll never find in River North on the weekend.


It’s free. That’s tight.


$4 16oz Tallgrass Cans, $2.50 Bud/Bud Light Drafts, $3 Fireball shots, and 1/2 price appetizers. Happy Tuesday.


So yeah, that happened.

So yeah, that happened.


Teams of eight playing for a $500 gift card. Bang.


$2 pitchers of Miller or Coors (with the requirement of a $10 purchase) means you can get aggressively buzzed and not feel like you spent any money doing so.

Unless you buy shots, which we can’t claim responsibility for.


Because the transition from hump day to trivia night is just way too easy.

Crossing would be so dope if it wasn't the official home for Kansas alum in the city.

Crossing is dope, even though it’s the city’s official home of Kansas alumni.


Weekly themes that range from football to Saved By The Bell and solid specials across the board. If you’re a Missouri Tigers fan, be prepared to look at Jayhawk decor.


Only once per month, but fair prices on good beer makes this a worthy trivia stop.

Burwood Tap

Trivia starts at nine, the free wing buffet starts at 8:30.


$4 Goose Island drafts and $7 Car Bombs if you’re into that sort of thing.


You do get a pretty nifty view of Wrigley Field from the second floor of this Rockit location.

This nifty view of Wrigley Field from Rockit’s second floor comes with for free.

Rockit | Lakeview

$4 Goose Island Green Line, $5 Jameson shots, $4 Founders IPA and a view of Wrigley. Next.

Weekend Trivia

If you’re going to win the big one on Tuesday night, a little weekend practice never hurts – and there are plenty of establishment to get in some extra reps.


Merkle’s (Friday)

Even though it’s on Friday, Merkle’s has been a trivia staple for years. Come for 50 cent wings, $1 tacos, and $5 beers of the month – then go home to pass out and be ready for a productive Saturday.

A.J. Hudson’s (Saturday)

The only trivia night on this list with $5 custom mac and $4 Malibu cocktails.

Logan Bar & Grill (Sunday)

$7 loaded bloody Mary’s to cure Saturday’s lingering hangover.

New Line Tavern (Sunday)

Half off appetizers and $2.50 Miller or Bud bottles are good reasons to get off the couch.

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