On Friday night, local police officers met at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Wisconsin in an effort to raise $3,000 for the Special Olympics.

From uniforms to registration fees, there are several gaps in funding that events like this help fill for the Special Olympics. And while any fundraiser for special needs is an admirable cause, clearly none of the organizers rethought the name for the charity event.

“Area police officers swap out their handcuffs and badges for menus and serving trays in an effort to raise money for the Special Olympics.” According to an ABC affiliate in Wisconsin, “The officers cleaned tables, served food and pitched in where needed at Buffalo Wild Wings in Onalaska.”

“Cops Gone Wild” has taken place in years before, but given the recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore – the name itself is laughable and head-scratching.

Clearly, I understand the connection between “Buffalo Wild Wings” and “Cops Gone Wild.”

I also understand the obvious connection between “Girls Gone Wild” and “Cops Gone Wild.” And more importantly, I also understand that “Cops Gone Wild” sounds like the hashtag to the next race riot sparked by American police brutality.

What about “Badges and Buffalo Wings?”

Or something more straightforward, like “Serving for the Special Olympics?”

If it was a good use of my time, I would help them think of some more names. But really, they should just pay someone to do that next year.

Or else we might not be the only ones talking about “Cops Gone Wild.”