This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but the NCAA has pissed me off once again.

If you’ve been paying attention to the NCAA Tournament at all, then you probably remember this indelible image of the Villanova band girl bawling her eyes out while trying to play her piccolo after Nova’s upset at the hands of NC State.

If not, here’s the image:

It’s hardly the first time we’ve seen fans and players cry after being upset in the NCAA tournament, so this isn’t a big deal.

The big deal is the aftermath of the situation.

Roxanne Chalifoux, (awesome name by the way) who is now better known as “Crying Villanova Girl,” was invited on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Monday night.

While on the Tonight Show, Chalifoux was introduced to the crowd by Fallon after playing the Villanova fight song alongside Grammy Award-winning supergroup, The Roots.


After cracking a few jokes at her expense, Fallon presented the college student with a gift basket full of Tonight Show swag —including t-shirts, ice cream, and other stuff any crying girl might need.

Then it really got out of control. Fallon, being the popular miracle worker he is, got in contact with Chalifoux’s favorite singer Taylor Swift and presented the girl with two tickets to T-Swift’s world tour.

Enter my raging and confused anger.

This girl is a college student who was presented the opportunity to go on national television (after already becoming renowned for crying on national television) and then given concert tickets worth hundreds of dollars as a consolation prize because she was sad.

If she was an athlete, this would be an egregious violation.

But no, because the camera exploited her emotional state after a loss she becomes nationally famous and handed things – the latter only being acceptable due to her being a ‘non-athlete.’

I mean, she cried (understandably) because her team lost. But that team is comprised of overworked athletes who aren’t paid for their service. Think about the irony in that for a second.

What happened to the “we don’t compensate our student-athletes because they shouldn’t get preferential treatment to other students.” She’s not an athlete but I don’t see other college kids popping up on the Tonight Show.

You know how many players cry after their season and/or career ends in the NCAA Tournament? All of them.

Listen, I’m not knocking this girl. She obviously didn’t choose all of this. But it’s just another wrinkle in the NCAA’s arbitrary agenda of enforcing the rules.