As Chicagoans know very well, 670 The Score radio host Dan Bernstein is no stranger to stepping on a few toes. And yesterday, he crossed a very thick line.

In an exchange with fellow Score radio personality Matt Spiegel on Twitter, Bernstein had some extremely misogynistic and disrespectful things to say about Comcast SportsNet Chicago host Aiyana Cristal.

If you didn’t see his comments, you can click on over to our friends at the Chicago Sun-Times to read the full exchange.

I’m not sure I could have said it better myself, but I’ll try.

First off, fuck Dan Bernstein. I’m not sorry. I’ve listened to this guy off and on for years and I turn off my radio every time wishing I had just gotten molten metals poured over my skin instead.

I distinctly remember a time when I was 10 years old and my dad called into his show because I wanted to ask a question. As a young kid, I obviously fumbled my words a bit and the guy had the fucking balls to laugh on air and tell a 10-year-old to find a new team to like.

That’s just being a dick, which I’ve since learned is exactly what Bernstein gets paid for. And that’s fine. I’ve come to grips with it because that’s basically Chicago sports in a nutshell.

But his sexist comments are the final straw. Someone needs to tell Dan Bernstein that he can’t just say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, simply because “Boers and Bernstein” finally cracked the top 10 ratings.

And while his asshole-like comments generally ruffle feathers within the greater Chicagoland area, this latest instance has drawn national attention. Most notably, from popular female personalities.

Since the exchange, Spiegel has apologized. He stands firmly behind his original comment which was clearly about Cristal’s on-air work, but regrets his decision not to keep the conversation at, well, eye level.

So this one goes out to you Dan Bernstein. May you continue to be the asshole, ignore-the-context, hate-because-I-can, and now sexist prick that we have always tried to ignore for years.

Oh, and the world will take your insincere apology any time now.

(Featured Photo courtesy of CBS Chicago)