I love a good Twitter battle. And the one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed today was between ESPN announcer Dan Dakich and the Mayor of Champaign, Illinois, Don Gerard.

Dan Dakich handled this unscripted war of words about as well as he handles his unscripted game commentary…not very well. It all stemmed from the questionable call in the video below, which occurred near the end of the Illinois-Michigan State men’s basketball game.

In the play, Illinois guard Jaylon Tate was whistled for a technical foul for unnecessarily contacting Michigan State’s Travis Trice while boxing out on a free throw.

This was clearly a bad call.

However, our favorite Crown Prince Dan Dakich agreed with the referee’s decision.

Dan Dakich

Engage Don Gerard, who backed up his hometown Fighting Illini. However, what he didn’t realize is that he opened up a can of worms clearly packed by a kindergartner. Because as we’ll soon find out, anything will get Dan Dakich worked up—including the notion that coaching YMCA kids constitutes “knowing basketball.”

Dan Dakich

God forbid that a politician know sports or anything for that matter…

Gerard hit him right back with that, “you may call the game, but you clearly shouldn’t coach it,” hook. And the ever-dangerous, “I just muted your ass.”

Dan Dakich

Gerard clearly has Dakich on the ropes here. Dakich decides to open with politics banter, but realizes in about 59 characters that he’s overmatched. I can just see it brewing in his head, “I need to pivot back to basketball!”

Also, when you’re getting worked in a Twitter battle always end your tweet by calling the other guy skippy.

Dan Dakich

We can all learn that from Dan Dakich.

After getting personal, Dakich calls out the mayor for retweeting fake accounts (we can’t get a confirmation on this). But seriously, Dakich, show the guy some damn respect.

This marked the end of the hapless Twitter feud. But I would be remiss if didn’t save the best for last:

Dan Dakich