Our last (and first) entry for THE SIX THIRTY DICTIONARY was “social media.” This time around, things are getting a little more crude. And a little more tricky.

This time around, we’ll take a stab at defining the gloriously ambiguous term “fuck boy.” Why?

Well, as Slate pointed out, ‘some slurs resonate even when we’re not sure who or what they’re defaming.’

Clearly, it’s not a good thing if someone calls you a “fuck boy” – but what behavior or characteristic(s) are they precisely referring to?

Great question.

As you’ll see multiple times below, the term which seems to be gaining popularity in all sorts of circles has well-documented origins in the realm of Tinder and the actions often associated with the app – such as dudes being douchebags when they’re trying to get laid.

Which brings us to the other solid thing we can say about “fuck boy.” It is a phrase almost exclusively used in the direction of males.

So it’s a derogatory term for guys, probably rooted in their mannerisms with regard to pursuing females. Not bad, but not a complete definition.

Here’s our best shot at explaining the phenomenon of “fuck boy,” because if you haven’t heard it yet you will soon.

How Does One Define ‘Fuck Boy?’


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Urban Dictionary

“A guy who tries to get with everyone. A player. A guy who will lie to a girl to make them hook up with them or send pics. They think they are the shit when they aren’t. A guy who will only date a girl for their body. A total ass. A guy that will make a girl cry and laugh, and a guy who lies when they said I love you.”

The Online Slang Dictionary 

“A male who tries to be something that he knows nothing about. A male who is always fucking something up. A male who tries to do what he sees other people doing, but who doesn’t know anything about it.”

Thought Catalog

“Fuck boys are hungry and desperate for female attention. They feed their fuck boy ways with nude pics from the dozens of girls they talk to on Tinder, OkC, Reddit, and other random sites. He hides his phone when he gets a Snapchat because he knows it’s gonna be some girl’s nudies. For every one nude pic you send, he’s getting like 10 others from other chicks.”

Keegan Goudie (Chief Editor) 

“Bro that will typically start complaining at the bar because he’s not already home…getting laid. Fuck boys wouldn’t care if Fat Joe walked into the club they’re at and started DJ’ing. Where most people go out to see friends or just have a few cocktails, fuck boys go out for two reasons: vegas bombs and vagina.”

Peter Hahn (Managing Editor)

“The first time I became familiar with the term fuck boy was while listening to rap album Run The Jewels 2.

The duo of Killer Mike and El-P go on the assault of fuck boys anywhere and everywhere – their competition in the rap industry, politics, religion – essentially staking their claim as the fuck boy police. So I’ll defer to a few Killer Mike lyrics from the song ‘Banana Clipper’ on RTJ2:

Hey me and Jaime killed the competition, top of the heap
Is where we staying when they corpses resting under our feet
I sent they mom a little cash and a sympathy letter
Told her she raised a bunch of fuck boys, next time do better

There you have it: A fuck boy is somebody whose Mom would be severely disappointed in their bullshit antics. Other than that, I’ll say it’s closely related to what people think of LeBron James.”

Chas Goudie (Digital Editor)

“I don’t tinder. So the term fuck boy is new to me. Based on my extensive research on the topic, here’s what I’ve concluded:

A fuck boy…

Wears his flat brim hat forwards.

Takes a ‘business call’ on the L during rush hour so everyone can hear him close the deal.

Starts up a conversation with the man peeing a stall over.

Goes on the paleo diet twice a year.

Reads books while walking down the street.

Doesn’t go home on Thanksgiving because he’s still under the impression that family is lame.

Frequently uses ‘Wazzzzup’ when hitting on women.

Claims to know jujitsu.”

Brian Lendino (Contributing Editor) 

“A fuck boy is a dude who takes that old Lil Wayne song ‘Pussy, Money, Weed’ way too literally. He prioritizes those three things over everything and chooses to slight his friends in the pursuit of strange. Common activities include shots of Fireball on a Tuesday, blacking out by noon on Saturday, and the living out the credo ‘I’m really good at pulling out.'”

 Dan (Fuck Boy from Lakeview)

“A girl I asked on Tinder put it best: A guy who acts nice to get in your pants and then once they do isn’t nice anymore. Also known as my alter ego, D-Wet.”