The week already feels like it’s dragging and we’re only halfway through the afternoon of the first day. No end in sight.

Consider me your Monday afternoon comedy sherpa. See, I don’t want to rack your brain with wordy think pieces about the NFL Draft and the character concerns of potential Bears prospects. Nor do I want to talk about how shitty the Bulls still are.

Instead, let’s watch a video because there’s no better waste of company time (on any day of the week let alone Monday) than to scroll YouTube for a cheap laugh by way of John Oliver destroying Donald Trump.

In fact, we love blogging John Oliver nightly features. The Jon Stewart protege has famously gone in on the NCAA, FIFA, and Daily Fantasy Sports in the past.

Now I don’t really feel like breaking down the entire 21 minute clip myself. There’s just too much content to it for me to do that. But I’ll give you the talking points.

Donald Trump has mini cocktail weeny fingers. Donald Trump’s name isn’t really Donald Trump. And despite going to an Ivy League school Donald Trump’s vocabulary is confined to the word ‘words.’

If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about just take 21 minutes out of your much-more-boring work day and watch the damn video.