Deja vú for Chicago? Yeah, you could say so. Republican candidate nominee Donald Trump held a campaign rally at the University of Illinois-Chicago earlier tonight.

It was cancelled, by Trump. As the security threat indicated beforehand, the rally turned into a protest. And sadly, a mildly violent protest.

In politically correct terms, it was dumpster fire. A mixture of beautiful free speech and overwhelming cries of help for someone to consider the government oppression being widely ignored by negligent Americans.

Minutes after the events unfolded, #TrumpRally was immediately. the top-trending hashtag on Twitter. In Chicago, and across the country.

Keep tuning in for more tweets, videos, and updates from this historically violent scene in a city that has seen it before.

UPDATE: 6:59pm, 03/11/2016

UPDATE: 7:03pm, 03/11/2016

Leave it to Chicago Police to somehow calm the absolute madness that just occurred. Protesters are still gathering outside the UIC facilities, but clearly this situation is clearly not entirely under control yet.

Stay tuned for more updates, But make no mistake about it, someday our kids will be reading about this on their iPad in history class.

UPDATE: 7:08pm, 03/11/2016

And now we officially have this video clip….

UPDATE: 7:16pm, 03/11/2016

On a separate note, here’s what Donald Trump tweeted just a couple hours ago. Maybe he should have looked at the destination on his plane ticket before getting on a flight to Chicago. Just saying.

UPDATE: 8:04pm, 03/11/2016

This video via ABC7 Chicago (Hi Dad). As you can see, a Chicago Police Officer is bleeding profusely from the temple area.

It’s now been several hours since the protest and punches were both thrown, and the worst of the photos have just been released.