Would you watch Professor X do a bunch of drugs on live TV? Of course you would.

What kind of stupid question was that?

Well, luckily for you, Starz, Seth MacFarlane, and Sir Patrick Stewart are teaming up to give the people what they want this summer.

Stewart and MacFarlane are no strangers to each other; despite the Shakespearean actor’s highbrow appeal, he’s also been featured on more than a few episodes of Family Guy and American Dad as well as fulfilling the role of the narrator in Ted, all of which are MacFarlane’s creations.

All that aside, it’s still a bit of a shock to see Stewart in the light he’s about to be portrayed in—as a coke-snorting, alcohol-swilling, hard-charging British TV anchor with a lot of opinions and even more bad decisions.

Yes, you read that right. You will get to see Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise do a hefty bump of Columbian bam-bam on your television screen. Professor Xavier, instead of leading a team of X-Men, will be leading a team of strung-out newsroom journalists. The man who played both MacBeth and Hamlet on stage and on screen is now going to play a character who gets hammered and rants on the air.

Truly, this is the height of dramatic talent.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Set in Los Angeles, the story follows Walter Blunt, a British import intent on conquering the world of American cable news and the fallout from his well-intentioned, but mostly misguided decision-making, both on and off the air. Through the platform of his nightly interview show, Blunt is on a mission to impart his wisdom and guidance on how Americans should live, think and behave. Besieged by network bosses, a dysfunctional news staff, numerous ex-wives and children of all ages, Blunt’s only support is the alcoholic manservant he transplanted from the U.K. to join him in Los Angeles.

Some people might be asking, “Why? Why would someone who has been knighted by the Queen of England stoop to MacFarlane’s level of lowbrow potty humor?”

The answer is simple: because Sir Patrick Stewart is fucking awesome.

This is the same guy who is best friends with Magneto/Gandalf in real life and goes on all sorts of awesome adventures with him. This is the man who is so comfortable with himself and his career that he can play an absolute degenerate in a off-color TV comedy and not worry at all about affecting his image.

We all know MacFarlane to be a cleverly funny, if somewhat a predictable comic in his own right. But for this endeavor he will be teaming up with writer Jonathan Ames, the mind behind the offbeat TV series Bored to Death.

The three-way combo of MacFarlane’s ridiculous vulgarity, Ames’ awkwardly offbeat timing, and Stewart’s incredibly proper, gentlemanly demeanor has the potential to yield an uncomfortably funny new TV series. Put simply, this show could be The Newsroom…on drugs.

The series premieres on Starz on August 22nd, giving you something to wean you off your Silicon Valley chemical dependency. Check out the trailer below to see Stewart take a rip of Peruvian marching powder firsthand.